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Recertification Policies and Procedures Handbook

Recertification Activity Record Template


Recertification Reporting Form (I.S.P. and ITCP holders)

Recertification Reporting Form (Candidate Members)


Changes to the Recertification Program:

In April 2013, CIPS introduced changes to the re-certification policies. The key changes are:

a)      Moved  from an annual to a triennial recertification process;

b)      Moved  from an annual 100 continuing professional development credits to 100 credits over three years;

c)       Changed the requirement to demonstrate 3,000 hours of IT work experience over three years to a demonstration that one actively works in I.T. (the 3,000 hours is a guideline);

d)      Added  the ability to earn recertification credits through volunteerism with a “Giving Back to the Profession” option;

e)      Require written evidence of professional development credits  in the form of a log record;

f)       Undertake random audits where evidence of professional development credits must be provided;

g)      Failing to full-fill the recertification requirements will result in sanctions which may include, but not be limited to, a requirement to complete a certain number of re-certification credits within a set period of time or the revocation of the right to hold the professional certification.


Recertification Handbook

To learn more about the re-certification program, review the Re-certification Policies and Procedures Handbook .It provides information on what you can claim as re-certification credits, how to earn and claim them, as well as step-by-ste