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"Accreditation recognizes that our programs meet published, generally accepted, criteria for sound education in the discipline and provides evidence of the quality of a computer science degree."

Dr. Frank Tompa,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Waterloo (Ontario)


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"Accreditation demonstrates the quality of the program and of the environment in which it is offered, and provides a useful benchmark for ongoing program development."

Dr. Ken Takagaki
Director of Accreditation


“With my CIPS membership and I.S.P. designation, I continually demonstrate my commitment to professionalism to my students.  This is further reinforced as students graduate from an accredited program, because they know they are graduating from a quality program as they undertake their careers as IT professionals”

Mary Lynn Manton, I.S.P.
Professor, Seneca College



CIPS has many responsibilities under its mandate. One is to develop and maintain standards in educational qualifications that provide an appropriate foundation for those who wish to follow a career in computing or information systems.  As part of this responsibility, CIPS undertakes a program of visits to universities and college/technical institute to review computing, information technology and business technology management program.

For further information, please contact the Accreditation Secretariat.


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