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Risk Management


"Risk Management has been assigned as a basic Board of Directors responsibility. Risk Management is expected, and required, of licensed professionals. All of us who view ourselves as IT Professionals have a professional responsibility to assess and manage risk. It's fundamental to being a professional. It also makes good business sense. Do it ... always!"

Dr. Bob Fabian, FCIPS, I.S.P. (ret)
Risk Management Task Force Chair


Risk Management for the IT Professional
CIPS is offering, for the first time, a standard of practice that applies to professionals who are actively engaged in Information Technology (IT). The CIPS Risk Management Practice Guideline is a standard of practice to help you with your IT projects and activities. It has been developed to support the IT professional in discharging your responsibility to assess and manage IT risks. It is presented as a Practice Guideline. This means that you, the IT professional, will have a responsibility to generally understand the material in this guideline. Feel free to exercise your professional judgment in deciding how this guideline would apply to your work.

If you have any questions about the Risk Management Practice Guideline, please contact