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Entry Routes to the ITCP

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ITCP Certification includes a number of different routes to Certification, each representing a different background by which an IT professional may have reached ITCP level. The routes include:

Education Plus Experience Route


Minimum years of Professional Experience at SFIA Level 4


  • Demonstrated understanding of how I.T. fits within the organization model; and  
  • Two years of recent demonstrated capability to operate at SFIA Level 5 (or equivalent) or above; and   
  • Two years of recent demonstrated competence at SFIA Level 5 in one or more areas I.T. specialization
Accredited * 4-year University (C.Sc. or S.E.)


Accredited 4-year University (Interdisciplinary Programs)


Accredited * 3-year University (C.Sc. or S.E.)


Non-accredited 4-year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, M.I.S.)


Non-accredited 3 year University Degree (Computer Science, Software Engineering, M.I.S.)


Accredited 3-year College/Technical Program


Accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Non-accredited 3-year Public/Private College/Technical Program


Non-accredited 2-year College/Technical Program


Accredited one-year post-graduate I.T. program


ICCP Examinations Leading to CCP (or equivalent)


British Computer Society (BCS) Diploma Level Exams


British Computer Society (BCS) Professional Graduate Level Exams



IT Industry Leader Route

The IT Industry Leader entry route is designed specifically for senior IT professionals who hold a non-IT related university degree, but possess the required experience to practice in the field. If you completed an IT relevant undergraduate or college education, then you should apply under the Education Plus Experience entry route.

The IT Industry Leader application route is available to professionals who:

  • already have an established career in IT (generally not less than 12 years); and
  • are responsible for IT strategies, resources, and operations at the organizational level. 

Established Academic Route

This Established Academic Route is available to professionals who:

  • have a full-time academic position in a Computer Science (CS) department or in an Management Information Systems (MIS) department at a Canadian University or equivalent and are ranked at least Associate Professor, or are eligible to hold this rank; and
  • are established in their field, both as a teacher and as a researcher, and will have contributed some service to their discipline and or profession.

Australian Computer Society Computer Professional Education Program (CPEP)

Applicants must meet these entry criteria

  • Successful completion of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Computer Professional Education Program (CPEP).

*Applicants who have graduated from an accredited computing program recognized under the Seoul Accord will be assessed as being equivalent to applicants from CIPS accredited undergraduate computing programs.

CIPS Corporate Partners

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