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Fellow Members & Honorary Fellows

CIPS Fellow Members:

In May 2005, CIPS introduced a new membership class: the Fellow of CIPS. The Fellow Membership is awarded to professionals in the Information Technology (IT) sector who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the profession or industry in Canada.

The Fellow is the highest class of membership offered by CIPS and can only be obtained with approval from the CIPS National Board of Directors. Only Fellow Members can nominate an individual for a Fellow Membership.

Fellow Members have agreed to uphold the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct. They will also help to promote CIPS and the association's initiatives within their sphere of influence.

Fellow Members use the designation, FCIPS, after their name.

List of CIPS Fellows


CIPS Honorary Fellow:

On May 26 2011 the CIPS National Board created a CIPS Honorary Fellows recognition. As of that date, all CIPS Honorary Members were automatically granted CIPS Honorary Fellows status.

List of CIPS Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellow Qualifications/Requirements


CIPS Corporate Partners

The following organizations have demonstrated their commitment to professionalism, ethics, and high standards for the I.T. profession through their support of CIPS. CIPS thanks all its partners for their contribution. Become a CIPS Corporate Partner Today! - Send an email to