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Become a Candidate

Please note that the pre-professional Candidate Membership is only for applicants who have the education but not the required experience to be approved for the Professional I.S.P. Certification.

Succesful completion of the CIPS Ethics Exam is now required for applicants who have not graduated from a CIPS accredited program

Graduates from CIPS Accredited Programs please see "AITP" Info below

About Candidate Membership

Candidate Membership pertains to those individuals who successfully have completed a relevant education program, but have not yet accumulated the professional experience requirements.

Candidate Members have the same rights and privileges as regular I.S.P. holders. However, Candidate Members cannot use the I.S.P. designation until the completion of their professional experience requirements.

What is the designation I can use?

Candidate Members now qualify for CIPS' New Designation the AITP (Associate Information Technology Professional) - see below for more details.

Benefits of Candidate Membership

CIPS is committed to working with graduates to help them achieve their professional goals. Candidate Membership is perfectly suited for new graduates. It assures employers and clients that you are:

  • Keeping your knowledge up-to-date in a rapidly changing environment;
  • Adding practical skills to existing skills;
  • Challenging ideas and concepts;
  • Participating in peer group activities;
  • Committing to a Code of Ethics and Professional Standard of Conduct

And that you are working toward achieving your full I.S.P. status.

Apply for Candidate Membership

(Graudates of Non-Accredited Programs Only)

Graduates from CIPS Accredited Program please see "AITP" Info below

New - Candidate Members now qualify for CIPS' New Designation: 

AITP (Associate Information Technology Professional)

AITP Designation holders can use the post-nominal “AITP” after their name (i.e. John Doe AITP) and can easily share their AITP achievement with prospective employers and clients with CIPS’ New Online Certificates, allowing members to easily share their online Certificates, download them as a PDF, and post them to their LinkedIn profile.

Graduates of CIPS Accredited Programs automatically qualify for the AITP and receive One Year of FREE CIPS Membership! Apply Here: To determine if your program was Accredited by CIPS please visit:

Graduate of Non-Accredited Programs can obtain the AITP by applying for “Candidate Membership” with the application above.


Learn More about the AITP


Candidate Membership applicants must provide documented evidence that they are able to meet the relevant criteria for academic qualifications. The academic qualifications are as follows:

CIPS Accredited University Programs (Computer Science, Software Engineering, BTM, MIS)
  • Four (4) year university degree.
  • Three (3) year university degree.
Non-Accredited University Programs
  • Four (4) year university degree (C. Sc., M.I.S., BTM, or Software Engineering).
  • Three (3) year university degree (C. Sc., M.I.S., BTM, or Software Engineering).
Accredited College or Technical Institute Programs (computing program or technical program)
  • Three (3) year computing program.
  • Two (2) year computing program.
  • One (1) year post-diploma I.T. program.
Non-Accredited College Programs (computing program)
  • Three (3) year private or public computing program*.
  • Two (2) year computing program.
Other Routes
  • Successfully passed the Professional Graduate Level examination offered by the British Computing Society (BCS).
  • Professional experience only.

*Program from privately funded educational institutions need to meet the following minimum criteria:

  1. Only Canadian baccalaureate degrees will be considered.
  2. The baccalaureate degree needs to have received official provincial/territorial government accreditation involving an institutional accreditation, which refers to the process of officially recognizing the post-secondary institution, and a program specific review, which refers to the official recognition of a program of study.
  3. The baccalaureate program needs to be a minimum of 3 academic years in length(or equivalent to six full course load terms)
  4. The C.I.S./C.I.T. specific course content of a program needs to be a minimum of 60% over three academic years.
  5. Transfer credits must be from an educational institution that has comparable or mutually acceptable standards and requirements.

**A copy of exam results must accompany the application.

Previously Accredited Programs

An I.S.P. applicant may have their application assessed as if they were a graduate of an accredited program, if each of the following conditions is satisfied:

  1. the program from which the applicant graduated is a program which was formerly accredited by CIPS;
  2. the program either ceased to exist or became unaccredited;
  3. at the time the program ceased to exist or became unaccredited, whichever happened earlier, the applicant must have completed a minimum of three quarters of the course requirements for the program in question.

How to Maintain your Candidate Membership

Candidate Members not only have the same rights and privileges as fully certified members (with the exemption that one cannot use the I.S.P. designation), they also have the same obligations.

In order to retain the right to use the Candidate Member title, you have to

Re-affirm annually your commitment to obtaining full certification. This means, that you:

  • Continue to abide by the CIPS code of ethics and professional standards of conduct;
  • Maintained activity in the field of I.T. and have accumulated a minimum of 1,000 hours of professional experience; and
  • Continue your commitment to your professional growth by accumulating a minimum of 30 education credits.

CIPS Corporate Partners

The following organizations support CIPS' commitment to professionalism, ethics, and high standards for the I.T. professionCIPS thanks all its partners for their contribution. Become a CIPS Corporate Partner Today! - Send an email to


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