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Software Engineering


Currently accredited programs are recognized under the Seoul Accord, a multi-lateral agreement among global agencies responsible for accreditation and recognition of tertiary-level computing education. Because of the universally essential nature of computer applications and the mobility of professionals across jurisdictional boundaries, there is a need to identify academic programs that adequately prepare graduates for entry into a computing profession based on generally recognized knowledge and abilities across country and other jurisdictional boundaries. Toward this end, the Seoul Accord has established a mechanism for recognizing the equivalence of accredited educational qualifications in the development of computing professionals. The Seoul Accord provides for mutual recognition of graduates of accredited programs among the signatories of the accord.

 University Accredited Program(s) & Accreditation Dates

University of Calgary

B.Sc. in Computer Science Concentration in Software Engineering: 2001 - 2018

B.Sc.(Honours) in Computer Science with Software Engineering Concentration: 2006 – 2018


Carleton University

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) Software Engineering Stream: 2003 – 2016


Concordia University

B. Eng. Software Engineering (SOEN): 2009 - 2014                                                        

B. Eng. Software Engineering - Real-Time, Embedded and Avionics: 2014 - 2020         

 B. Eng. Software Engineering - Computer Games: 2014 - 2020                                       

B.Eng. Software Engineering - Web Services and Applications: 2014 - 2020     


Queen's University

Bachelor of Computing (Honours, Software Design): 2004 – 2020


Université Laval

Baccalauréat en genié logiciel: 2005 - 2010


University of Manitoba

Software Engineering Specialization (for all Honours and Majors Programs): 2007 – 2018


University of New Brunswick - Saint John

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science - Software Engineering Stream: 2005 – 2016

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Honours) - Software Engineering Stream: 2005 – 2016


University of New Brunswick - Fredericton

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering: 2010 – 2016


University of Ottawa

B.A.Sc. Software Engineerin