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Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) present ...


The Software Evaluation Center CIPS Member Benefit
The Software Evaluation Center* is a tool for CIPS members to evaluate Information Technology (IT) software thoroughly and adequately at one's own pace. The Software Evaluation Center contains thousands of criteria on analyst-certified software such as ERP, CRM, SCM, business intelligence, enterprise content management, and...many more.

IT professionals from around the world rely on the Software Evaluation Center and the intelligent, on-line decision support tool, eBestMatch, to make rapid and informed decisions for their software implementation requirements. eBestMatch has been called the "Rolls Royce of decision support tools."

CIPS Members,
Save your organization billions of dollars each year by using the Technology Evaluation Centre member benefit. Evaluate processes and vendor information. Find the solution that matches your unique business needs and succeed in the selection of the best software solutions for your organization.

*CIPS Members receive a complimentary Special Access Key for use of the Software Evaluation Center giving members 72 hours to benefit from a Free Software Evaluation. Furthermore, CIPS Members are offered a special discount at 30% on all products sold directly on the Software Evaluation Center site.

About Technology Evaluation Center
Technology Evaluation Center Inc. (TEC) is the impartial advocate for end users and purchasers of enterprise software solutions. It has aided IT professionals with software selection since 1993.

For more information about TEC, contact: Richard Mechaly at (514) 954-3665, ext. 264 or visit:

CIPS Corporate Partners

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