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Instant Housecall


Members receive 30% off Instant Housecall on-demand remote support

CIPS members get 30% off Instant Housecall On-Demand Remote Support Software. Deliver remote support to customers over the Web without having to configure customer firewalls and routers.
Since the beginning of software training and troubleshooting, phone and e-mail support sessions have been a source of frustration for everyone: customers, support staff, and executives alike. The cost of on-site visits is often prohibitive; and time spent troubleshooting over the phone and e-mail can usually be better spent moving business forward.

Enter Instant Housecall.  Instant Housecall is a Web-based remote support solution that lets you take control of customer's PCs securely and quickly over the web.

Unlike "remote control" products like PC Anywhere and Remote Desktop, Instant Housecall bills itself a "remote support" solution. It lets technicians gain temporary remote access to a customer's PC on an invitation-only basis through firewalls and routers with no configuration.

Since companies don't have to make prior on-site visits to install software or configure hardware, costs are reduced, resources are freed up, and customers get timely service that lets them learn while problem resolution takes place in real-time.  Since sessions don't have to be scheduled or pre-arranged, companies can add web links to connect customers to a live technician right over the Web.

It's a win-win proposition: customers get fast and accurate problem resolution. Technicians have a tool that empowers them to see what's happening first-hand. And executives, always watching the bottom-line, realize labour and savings on travel costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Instant Housecall has all of the features that you expect: instant messaging, file transfer, and SSL encryption, to name a few. But Instant Housecall sets itself apart with its specialized features:

  • reboot into safe mode and automatically reconnect;
  • allows customers to wait for technicians to sign-in ;
  • automatic referrals to team members and delegates;
  • session history and notes; and
  • the ability, out-of-the-box, to integrate with any web store for on-line payment.

A full list of features can be viewed here.

Because of its pricing model, companies give unlimited copies of Instant Housecall to their customers for free, and pay only for the hosting.

As an exclusive member benefit, CIPS members get a 30% discount on any Instant Housecall subscription.
For more information on Instant Housecall, visit, or call (416) 871-4725.



"Instant Housecall has made a huge difference in the way we do business.  Now we have a larger market without ever having to leave the office."

Ray Atri
Robust Computers

"Instant Housecall is the perfect solution for any business looking to reduce costs, accelerate problem resolution, and expand its market reach.  Phone support and e-mail chains are awkward.  With Instant Housecall, your customers and support team literally see what's happening first-hand.  You resolve problems quickly and train customers at the same time.  You never have to do an on-site visit to set it up.  It's 100% secure, and incredibly easy to use.  We're excited about our partnership with CIPS, and we are pleased to offer Instant Housecall as an exclusive member benefit."

Corey Fruitman
Instant Housecall Inc.

  "As a hosted model [Instant Housecall] allows the support person and the individual requiring support to both be behind firewalls.  From a technology and fitness for our user's perspective, I think it could be a big boon for the independent consultants and for the organizations that must support individuals at home or on the road.

Personally, I plan to very seriously consider adding a "Remote Support" link on the Web applications we build for our clients. I think the Clinical Trial Web-apps, the patient portals, and the other health care-community-facing Web-apps that we build could all benefit from such a link. I am certain this will give our customers (the Web-app sponsors) slightly greater peace of mind."

Adam Cole I.S.P.
National Board Member (Toronto)

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