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CIPS National Presidents


2007-2008 Mr Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., Vancouver
2006-2007 Mr. John Boufford, I.S.P., Ottawa
2005-2006 Mr. Dennis Hulme, I.S.P., Edmonton
2004-2005 Mr. Rick Penton, I.S.P., Toronto
2003-2004 Mr. Greg Lane, I.S.P., Ottawa
2002-2003 Mr. Charles Wordsworth, I.S.P., Vancouver
2001-2002 Dr. Leslie Oliver, I.S.P., Halifax
2000-2001 Ms. Faye West, I.S.P., Edmonton
1999-2000 M. Robert Langlois, I.S.P., Montreal
1998-1999 Mr. Kewal Dhariwal, I.S.P., Edmonton
1997-1998 Mr. Ken Chapman, I.S.P. Calgary
1996-1997 Mr. George Boynton, I.S.P. Montréal
1995-1996 Mr. Kevin Brown, I.S.P. Edmonton
1994-1995 Mr. Larry Sampson, I.S.P. Halifax
1993-1994 Mr. Bob Birch, I.S.P. Vancouver
1992-1993 Mr. Clare Cremer, I.S.P. Winnipeg
1991-1992 M Normand Paradis, I P A Montréal
1990-1991 Mr. Nelson Armstrong, I.S.P. Victoria
1989-1990 Ms Pat Bewers, I.S.P. Halifax
1988-1989 Ms Pat Glenn, I.S.P. Edmonton
1987-1988 Dr. Gaylen Duncan* Ottawa
1986-1987 Ms Marilyn Harris Calgary
1985-1986 Mr. Rod Shearing London
1984-1985 Mr. Gary Hadford, I.S P.* Calgary
1983-1984 Mr. Bernard Hodson Ottawa
1982-1983 Mr. John Bates*, I.S.P. Montréal
1981-1982 Mr. Alvin G Fowler* Vancouver
1980-1981 Mr. Chris Bishop Toronto
1979-1980 Mr. Larry R Symes* Regina
1978-1979 Dr. Wayne A. Davis, I.S.P. Edmonton
1977-1978 Mr. Glenn McInness Ottawa
1976-1977 Mr. T Ross Jewell Vancouver
1975-1976 Mr. Joseph B Reid* Québec
1974-1975 Mr. Robert T Horwood Ottawa
1973-1974 Mr. Grant N Boyd*, I.S P. Ottawa
1972-1973 Mr. James H Finch, I.S.P. Toronto
1971-1972 Mr. James M Kennedy* Vancouver
1970-1971 Mr. George A Fierheller Ottawa
1969-1970 Mr. Mers Kutt Toronto
1968-1969 Mr. B.B. (Ike) Goodfellow*, I.S.P. Toronto
1967-1968 Mr. Bernard Hodson Toronto
1966-1967 Prof. J. W. Graham* Grand Valley
1965-1966 Prof. J. W. Graham* Grand Valley
1964-1965 Dr. Harvey S. Gellman* Toronto
1963-1964 Mr. J. C. Davidson Toronto
1962-1963 Mr. J. H. Aitchison* Toronto
1961-1962 Mr. O. M. Mackey Toronto
1960-1961 Prof. C. C. Gotlieb* Toronto
1959-1960 Mr. Hudson Stowe Toronto
1958-1959 Mr. Fred Thomas* Toronto


CIPS Corporate Partners

The following organizations have demonstrated their commitment to professionalism, ethics, and high standards for the I.T. profession through their support of CIPS. CIPS thanks all its partners for their contribution. Become a CIPS Corporate Partner Today! - Send an email to