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CIPS National Presidents


2007-2008 Mr Stephen Ibaraki, FCIPS, I.S.P., Vancouver
2006-2007 Mr. John Boufford, I.S.P., Ottawa
2005-2006 Mr. Dennis Hulme, I.S.P., Edmonton
2004-2005 Mr. Rick Penton, I.S.P., Toronto
2003-2004 Mr. Greg Lane, I.S.P., Ottawa
2002-2003 Mr. Charles Wordsworth, I.S.P., Vancouver
2001-2002 Dr. Leslie Oliver, I.S.P., Halifax
2000-2001 Ms. Faye West, I.S.P., Edmonton
1999-2000 M. Robert Langlois, I.S.P., Montreal
1998-1999 Mr. Kewal Dhariwal, I.S.P., Edmonton
1997-1998 Mr. Ken Chapman, I.S.P. Calgary
1996-1997 Mr. George Boynton, I.S.P. Montréal
1995-1996 Mr. Kevin Brown, I.S.P. Edmonton
1994-1995 Mr. Larry Sampson, I.S.P. Halifax
1993-1994 Mr. Bob Birch, I.S.P. Vancouver
1992-1993 Mr. Clare Cremer, I.S.P. Winnipeg
1991-1992 M Normand Paradis, I P A Montréal
1990-1991 Mr. Nelson Armstrong, I.S.P. Victoria
1989-1990 Ms Pat Bewers, I.S.P. Halifax
1988-1989 Ms Pat Glenn, I.S.P. Edmonton
1987-1988 Dr. Gaylen Duncan* Ottawa
1986-1987 Ms Marilyn Harris Calgary
1985-1986 Mr. Rod Shearing London
1984-1985 Mr. Gary Hadford, I.S P.* Calgary
1983-1984 Mr. Bernard Hodson Ottawa
1982-1983 Mr. John Bates*, I.S.P. Montréal
1981-1982 Mr. Alvin G Fowler* Vancouver
1980-1981 Mr. Chris Bishop Toronto
1979-1980 Mr. Larry R Symes* Regina
1978-1979 Dr. Wayne A. Davis, I.S.P. Edmonton
1977-1978 Mr. Glenn McInness Ottawa
1976-1977 Mr. T Ross Jewell Vancouver
1975-1976 Mr. Joseph B Reid* Québec
1974-1975 Mr. Robert T Horwood Ottawa
1973-1974 Mr. Grant N Boyd*, I.S P. Ottawa
1972-1973 Mr. James H Finch, I.S.P. Toronto
1971-1972 Mr. James M Kennedy* Vancouver
1970-1971 Mr. George A Fierheller Ottawa
1969-1970 Mr. Mers Kutt Toronto
1968-1969 Mr. B.B. (Ike) Goodfellow*, I.S.P. Toronto
1967-1968 Mr. Bernard Hodson Toronto
1966-1967 Prof. J. W. Graham* Grand Valley
1965-1966 Prof. J. W. Graham* Grand Valley
1964-1965 Dr. Harvey S. Gellman* Toronto
1963-1964 Mr. J. C. Davidson Toronto
1962-1963 Mr. J. H. Aitchison* Toronto
1961-1962 Mr. O. M. Mackey Toronto
1960-1961 Prof. C. C. Gotlieb* Toronto
1959-1960 Mr. Hudson Stowe Toronto
1958-1959 Mr. Fred Thomas* Toronto


CIPS Corporate Partners

The following organizations support CIPS' commitment to professionalism, ethics, and high standards for the I.T. professionCIPS thanks all its partners for their contribution. Become a CIPS Corporate Partner Today! - Send an email to

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