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Policies and Procedures





  • develop a position collaboratively with another association


  • refer the issue to another association


  • watch if and how the issue develops


  • do not take a formal position

  • AnchorCriteria

    The External Liaison committee will base its decision on the following:

    • Is the issue National or International in scope?
      CIPS National will develop external positions on issues that have a national or international scope. These include federal government policy, broad inter-industry issues and international matters. Regional or municipal issues will be referred to a provincial body (where one exists) or to local CIPS sections.


    • Is there an IT dimension?
      An IT dimension is presumed to exist when the issue is specific to the IT profession or industry, affects the IT profession or industry or involves IT in its solution.


    • Does developing a position paper demonstrate leadership in the IT sector?
      CIPS should take initiative to alert the IT industry and broader Canadian society on issues of importance involving information technology


    • Is there Member interest in the issue?
      Could the potential outcome of a CIPS position allow Members to better fulfil their commitment to Industry.


    • Can a consensus position be achieved?
      A CIPS position is generally developed where there is a likelihood of generating a single Societal position. Non-consensus issues may be developed where there is a prior understanding by the National Executive Committee.


    • Would the likely recommended position contradict existing CIPS positions?
      CIPS must present a consistent voice across issues. Executive Committee approval should be sought before proceeding with the development of a CIPS position that would be seen to be contradictory to existing Board approved positions.


    • Are there sufficient resources to develop the position?
      Are there sufficient volunteer and staff resources to develop a CIPS position at any given time. Is there an urgency to the issue?

    Societal issues need to be dealt with carefully and expeditiously. Due consideration needs to be made as position papers are developed since they provide a professional assessment of IT issues and make important strategic statements. However, the value in publishing the paper decreases significantly over time as the issue is dealt with by other parties so drafting, reviewing and approving of the position paper needs to be expedited as much as possible.

    AnchorPosition Development:

    The External Liaison Committee will assign each issue to a single individual who will be selected for their experience, knowledge, ability to analyze the issue in a professional manner and to recommend action objectively. This individual can identify other Members with the appropriate expertise and interest to assist them. The following steps will be followed on all issues addressed by the Committee:

    1. The issue will first be worked internally among Members of the External Liaison Committee.


    2. When the committee is satisfied that an acceptable draft discussion paper has been developed, the paper will be released for general Member review and comment. This will include all Members of the National Board and Section Presidents.


    3. The committee may elect to hold a workshop during a National Board meeting or a focus group discussion at a local section level or a pre-scheduled IRC session to gain direct Member involvement in the development of a position.


    4. The committee may target specific organizations or Members with related expertise or interest with a direct invitation to comment on the draft position paper.


    5. Member input received will be incorporated as appropriate into the position paper.


    6. A final document will be prepared for National Board approval.


    7. Once approved, the position paper will be added to the CIPS Policy and Procedures Manual


    Member involvement in the identification of issues and in the development of CIPS position papers will be critical to the success of the External Liaison Committee.

    In addition, once a position has been approved by the National Board, external communication to the government, to IT professionals and to the public will position CIPS as both the voice and the champion of the IT profession.

    The External Liaison Committee will utilize the following communication strategies.

    • National Publications:
      The External Liaison committee will provide regular updates on its activities to the membership through National's existing publication vehicles. This will include the announcement of position papers available for Member review and a final executive summary on all positions approved by the National Board.


    • Section Announcements:
      Sections will be asked to assist the External Liaison committee by making regular announcements to their Members at local meetings or through local newsletters of position papers available for Member review


    • Listservs:
      The External Liaison committee will use all open and public CIPS listservs as a forum for Member discussion in the development of a position paper.


    • National Web Site:
      All approved position papers will be available on the National web site for both Member and public access.


    • Targeted delivery:
      Approved position papers will be presented in person or sent to appropriate government officials, external organizations and media.

    Presentation Materials:
    The External Liaison Committee will prepare presentation materials for use by all Members on approved positions. These will be made available as part of the PowerPoint presentation materials currently available from the national FTP site.


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