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UCOSP Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

CIPS became a sponsor of the Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects (UCOSP) initiative.

Since September 2008, undergraduates from several universities in Canada and the US have been taking part in joint capstone projects, under the umbrella of UCOSP, in order to learn first-hand about distributed development Each team has students from two or three schools, and uses a mix of agile and open source processes under the supervision of a faculty or industry lead. The initiatives provides students hands-on experience with real-world development practices in a realistic environment while simultaneously learning and applying some core concepts of computer science. For many students, this is the first time they have to set their own goals and deadlines. The program develops the cooperation, communication, and commitment skills necessary to work in the real world.

Team members communicate via usual online tools and there is a three-day code sprint at the University of Toronto near the start of the term at which teams meet in person to discussion strategies.

Grades are awarded jointly by the local faculty organizer in consultation with the project lead. Grading schemes are tailored to individual teams and projects, and take into account the requirements of the courses in which students are officially registered. Undergraduates who are in their final four terms of study, have a strong ‘B’ or ‘A’ average, and are able to enrol in an appropriate course (capstone, senior project or directed studies) at their home institution or eligible for the program. Projects start at the beginning of term (September or January), and run to its end (December or April). The winter 2010 term has been filled, but students interested in participating in the next term should contact Greg Wilson ( for more information.

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