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The importance of Data Security (Featured Article)
Featured Article from the ERACIPS Corporate Partner
Over the years data security has become a concerning topic with a lot of companies pushed to buy the needed software to protect themselves from hackers.
Every business, organization, IT Leader and individual has data and information that they would like to keep safe and secure. Especially a business as it is a valuable asset, representing employees and customers placed into the wrong hands could do some serious collateral damage in the long run.
This is why the security of your data must be the top priority on your list when owning or working for a business. When a company sits down and goes over the numbers for the year ahead, their first responsibility should be budgeting money for data security hardware and software. Implementing these actions within a company will protect your data from unconstitutional access to prevent it being destroyed, meddled with or released to others.
There are many ways your data can be breached. Some include computer viruses, illegal accessing, system failure or theft. One of the main triggers that breaches data is the internet. As every time we connect to the web, we increase the chances of our data becoming unsecure and our computers being hacked by an online source.

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