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Featured Article: "Becoming an IT Professional in Canada"
One of the functions of information technology (IT) professionals is to manage the network servers of a company. Because nearly all businesses have network servers, the IT field touches on virtually every part of today’s economy. With their specialized education, skills, and training, IT professionals are in high demand. They would also do well to join a professional IT society, like Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals (CIPS) or the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). Such memberships distinguish technologists from those who are committed to being a voice of the profession.
CIPS has been representing thousands of members since 1958. According to its website, the organization has established standards and shared “best practices for the benefit of individual IT professionals and the sector as a whole.” Its mentorship program aims at supporting both new professionals after they graduate from a CIPS-accredited program and immigrants who have an IT background. It also shares the practical experiences of successful IT professionals across Canada, highlighting the practices, pathways, and decisions that enabled their success. In addition, the CIPS community supports its members’ acquisition of soft skills—which are needed to succeed in this field.
Besides certification, CIPS offers networking opportunities and accreditation of an IT post-secondary program. Be sure to check out its job board.

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