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CIPS Accreditation Process Receives Seoul Accord Accreditation

CIPS' accreditation process underwent an accreditation review by the Seoul Accord. This review was conducted by a three member international team comprised of representatives from ABET (USA), IEET (Taiwan), and ACS (Australia).  The accreditation review found that the CIPS Computer Science Accreditation Criteria aligned well with Seoul Accord standards. The Seoul Accord team were complimentary of the CIPS accreditation process, the experience and professionalism of the CIPS accreditation teams, and the thoroughness of the final reporting and decision making process.  No deficiencies or weaknesses were identified with the CIPS Accreditation process.  As a result of this successful review the Seoul Accord has formally confirmed CIPS' status as a full signatory to the Seoul Accord until 2023.  Congratulations are extended to the members of the CIPS Computer Science Accreditation Council and all CIPS members who participate in accreditation visits to Universities across Canada.  

The Seoul Accord was formed in 2008 with CIPS being a founding member.  The primary purpose of the Seoul Accord is to contribute to the improvement of computing education worldwide through mutual recognition of accredited academic computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice.  By establishing desired attributes for graduates of computing programs that prepare graduates for professional practice, and by sharing best practices for computing education, the members of the Seoul Accord hope to contribute to the acceptance of international standards for the academic preparation of computing professionals and efforts to achieve these standards in computing education throughout the world.  For more information on the Accord see:

 As a member of the Seoul Accord CIPS also participated in reviewing the accreditation processes of other Seoul Accord members.  Dr. Timothy Lethbridge, I.S.P., ITCP from the University of Ottawa lead a team of international members to review the accreditation processes of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education in Korea (ABEEK).  Sabina Posadziejewski, I.S.P., ITCP was the industry representative on an international team reviewing the accreditation processes of JABEE , the Japanese Accreditation body.

While the Seoul Accord currently recognizes accredited programs in Universities, there continues to be a strong interest in developing procedures to include Master's degrees and college diploma programs more broadly into the Accord.  Terms of reference for Working Groups for these two areas were renewed at the June 2017 Seoul Accord meeting.  Ken Takagaki, who is both the CIPS Director of Accreditation and the CIPS representative to the Accord, will be leading the Working Group for college diploma programs.  This may have a significant and positive impact on CIPS since we have a strong college accreditation program.

The Accord is important to CIPS on several levels.  First, Signatories are admitted to the Accord only if their activities are recognized as meeting the highest accreditation standards as practiced around the world.  Thus, CIPS accreditation and outcomes are recognized as meeting the highest level of global expectations in ICT education and training.  Secondly, ICT programs (and their graduates) accredited by Accord signatories are mutually recognized easing educational transfer and global worker mobility.  This allows CIPS to better serve the industry and government to deal with skills shortages, immigrant assessment, international recruitment and other related issues.  In addition, membership in theAccord gives CIPS a competitive advantage in marketing its Accreditation services both domestically and internationally.  Finally, the Accord is an important quality assurance component for CIPS because, as a signatory, we are required to maintain certain quality standards for our accreditation processes.

For more information about CIPS’ accreditation processes and CIPS accredited programs please see:


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