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Moving CIPS Forward Under New Leadership

Prior to his election as the new Chair of the CIPS National Board, Derek Burt, I.S.P, ITCP provided the following to all Board members outlining his proposed direction for CIPS.

“The mandate of CIPS is to protect the public against unskilled or unethical work with respect to the practice of information systems by its members.  This mandate will continue to be achieved through strong provincial bodies administering associated regulation in their respective provinces.  The future of CIPS lies in certified practice.  CIPS has right-to-title in several provinces and is working towards right-to-practice across Canada.  The activities of CIPS National must ever be focused in achieving this goal by supporting its members, the member societies.

To this end, I would propose as some first steps:

  • re-constituting Executive Council to provide a firm governance structure for the organization, including having meeting agendas and keeping meeting minutes for review by the National Board as per the bylaws
  • structure Board meetings to give Board members ample time to consult with their respective member societies to improve communication and decision-making as well as recognize the need for the Board to be a "virtual" one governing from across the country
  • re-evaluate the CIPS National budget and activities to focus on supporting member societies with a particular emphasis on reducing administrative expenses
  • begin negotiations with the member societies for new shared services agreements that support the objectives of all member societies
  • ensure alignment of professional standards across the country through a strong professional standards advisory council
  • engage the CIPS Fellows for their support, including nominating more deserving Fellows to join the organization 
  • build on the foundation of CIPS Saskatchewan's good work in assisting their provincial government with validating the competency of IT professionals
  • work with the member societies to ensure all computer science programs across Canada are accredited
  • identify provinces without member societies and support them in establishing their respective corporation/regulation
  • celebrate the many milestones the organization will be reaching in the near future

These are proposals only - the organization will continue to be led by the will of the member societies and their respective members.   We will need the support of numerous volunteers from across the country.” 

Derek Burt, I.S.P, ITCP

CIPS Corporate Partners

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