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May CIPS Volunteer of the Month: Mohammad Sharifullah

May 2017 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Mohammad Sharifullah  

CIPS Ontario

About Mohammad: 

What is your Background?

I have completed my master's in business and did my Chartered Accountancy in late 80's when PCs just started to roll out on each and every desk. At that time, IT audit was just getting momentum and most of the large global corporations brought more control professionals in validating that major shift in business processes; if this is appropriately managed. To perform my job (conducting the reviews), I was really pushed to learn IT; started with corporate training/learning programs and at some point went back to the school and tech colleges to complete several courses on programming, security, networking, etc. For last twenty plus years, I have been working with the leading banks, financial institutions and consulting companies in Toronto mainly in the space of IT risk, audit, governance, security and compliance functions. My recent studies and accomplishments include IT Governance, Identity & Access Management and Cybersecurity.

I strongly believe in helping and serving people surrounding me - the way to repay my debts to the profession, society and the mankind.  I am a life-long volunteer, was heavily involved in volunteering with several organizations including ISACA, IIA, PMI and a small charity named 'Children's Peace Theatre', where I chaired the board for several years. I also work as a mentor for many students, professionals and speakers in helping them to succeed in their endeavors.   


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I joined as a board member of CIPS Ontario in 2016 and at the moment am chairing the Committee of Training, Conferences and Continuing Education portfolio. Recently I organized several webinars on emerging technology issues and am working on creating a strategic training and learning platform for CIPS across Canada.   


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

CIPS is a national professional organization supported by Canadian legislation. To me it is a big canvas from coast to coast - a great opportunity to meet people, work with them, build an excellent network and serve our society and country, creating something good for our future generations.


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