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CIPS Sections

Professionals across the country and internationally are sharing the knowledge and best practices learned and developed through years of experience, applying ingenuity to innovate and advance the Information Technology (IT) profession. Are you missing out?


You are an active professional that is working in advancing your career. You have a job to do, in addition to project(s) and a busy family and personal life. You have worked hard to develop the skills and the experience that provide you with the confidence to deliver solutions for your place of business, for your clients.

But you know there is something more …

Technology plays a critical role as both, a business enabler and disruptor. Would you not want to be in a position that gives you exposure to knowledge that can prove critical to your business? Reality is, knowledge in the IT Profession evolves. Even though most of the fundamentals gained early in your career might remain constant, being informed about technological developments and how they might influence businesses is paramount in your road to success.

Do you rely on vendors to give you their version of the truth? Show you how a product can make a difference? Or the Internet? There is a time and a place for them, but as the skilled professional that you are, you know that information originates in many places. Professional development is a pillar in any profession, more so in Information Technology.

Is it only knowledge that you seek? What about being connected? Being able to reach out to others when is most needed, obtain advise from experienced members that might have already delivered on initiatives like the one in which you are embarking? What about making a lasting contribution to someone else? Or bringing a perspective that provides a real advantage?


CIPS sections are established in cities across Canada, with the objective of enabling an environment where activities that foster member participation take place. Sections enable members to maintain an exchange of information with fellow members in the very communities in which they practice the profession, learning about developments that would otherwise not be known.

CIPS also encourages sections to be interconnected. With its vast provincial, federal and global reach, and the coordinated use of technology, your section, and yourself, can tap into a world of information and opportunities not available anywhere else.


  • Provide vendor agnostic information about technologies.
  • Discuss technological advances and their anticipated impact.
  • Provide a regional, provincial, federal and global perspective of Information Technology and its application to business success.
  • Foster communication and networking opportunities among members, through dinners, and social activities, among others.
  • Facilitate engaging activities, seminars and events for the professional growth of its members.
  • Provide a forum for discussing topics of interest.
  • Provide a venue to establish a dialog between members and the provincial and national boards.


  • Learn knowledge and best practices that have been proven.
  • Make an impact in your business / professional practice.
  • Learn about research activities and developments that have not made it to market.
  • Increase your marketability.
  • Ability to express your opinion on changes needed in the association.
  • Opportunity to advise on needed changes to the IT Profession and public policy.
  • Gain exposure to perspective, knowledge, and experience from professionals from around the world.
  • Establish contacts and network with professionals who are CIPS / IFIP members.

How to start a section

If a CIPS section is not active in your community and you would like to start one, please contact us at

CIPS Corporate Partners

The following organizations support CIPS' commitment to professionalism, ethics, and high standards for the I.T. professionCIPS thanks all its partners for their contribution. Become a CIPS Corporate Partner Today! - Send an email to

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