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Big Data with Bashir Fancy, Chairman & CEO, CIPS

This coming February 13-14, 2017, Bashir Fancy will be speaking at the 3rd Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit Canada alongside other Big Data trailblazers.

In an exclusive speaker eBook interview, Bashir shared his thoughts on Big Data.


Q: In your opinion, for those trying to adopt Big Data practices, what are the top 2 challenges for its implementation?

A: I believe the top priority must be to understand their business, their customers and above all what is that they want to achieve.


Q: What are your top 3 benefits of tapping into the power of Big Data?

A: Understanding our customers and their needs, understanding our strengths and weaknesses and identifying the cause of customer loss as well as retention. All three, if done properly, will identify trends critical for the success and survival of the business.


Q: What tool or practice do you find most effective in managing your Big Data?

A: I believe that data in itself is no use unless you are able to interpret what it is telling you. That means asking the right questions and also looking at what it might be telling you even if you are not looking for it. The tool by itself cannot do it and it is incumbent on people involved to understand the bigger picture of their business rather than a siloed approach.        


Q: What are your thoughts on IoT? What impact do you think it will have on Big Data?

A: IoT has tremendous potential if handled properly. The opportunity to do add-on selling and service of an existing customer base and increasing loyalty cannot be underestimated. It also provides the critical mass and lowers cost, whilst improving customer experience and service – it improves bottom-line and attracts highly skilled employees.


Read more on Data including 20+ submissions from other Big Data leaders. Get the full Big Data speaker eBook.


Join Bashir Fancy in February when he participates in a special Business Use Panel on gaining organizational support for Big Data programs.

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