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Improve Workspace Ergonomics, Promote Health, and Increase Productivity with Standing Desks (via Tripp Lite)

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Research suggests that sitting at a desk all day long can increase the risk of serious health problems. The American Medical Association (AMA) "recognizes that there are potential risks of prolonged sitting" and "encourages efforts by employers, employees and others to make available alternatives such as standing work stations." [1]

However, standing all day can cause other problems, such as swelling and fatigue. WorkWise standing desk solutions provide a better way to promote wellness and discourage harmful sedentary behavior. They allow office workers to seamlessly alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday, helping them moderate physical stresses and maintain a steady flow of energy, ideas and activity.

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WorkWise adjustable-height desks provide a complete desk solution, combining an electric adjustable-height base, digital memory control and a variety of durable and attractive work surfaces.

What are the potential benefits of standing for part of the day?

Initial studies and user reports suggest that standing for part of the day (standing ergonomics) has a range of potential health, wellness and productivity benefits:

  • Improving alertness, concentration and productivity
  • Improving posture and toning key muscle groups
  • Reducing fatigue, eyestrain, aches and pains
  • Improving circulation and respiration
  • Lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Increasing comfort, improving morale and reducing absenteeism
  • Decreasing risk of repetitive stress injuries
  • Accommodating multiple workers in shared spaces
  • Burning extra calories and increasing metabolism

For example, a Mayo Clinic study found that simply standing for two hours during the day instead of sitting can burn 340 extra calories.[2]That's like cutting a dozen doughnuts out of your diet every week!

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Tripp Lite Introduces Sit-Stand Desks and Desktop Workstations to Help Create an Ergonomic Workplace

Chicago, IL, USA (October 20, 2016)— Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, has introduced WorkWise™ solutions, a line of height-adjustable desk tops, bases and desktop workstations that help enhance productivity while promoting a healthier ergonomic lifestyle by allowing the user to stand for a portion of the workday.

These workspace solutions provide the flexibility to change the work surface height with just the press of a button or one touch of a lever. The precise adjustment makes it simple to adapt a workspace for sitting or standing. Standing for a portion of the day has proven health benefits, so desks allowing both positions are ideal. Adjusting the height of the surface is also a simple way to customize workspaces shared by multiple users, a common practice in many offices.

Key Features:

  •  Desks feature an electric motor with four memory settings for precise height adjustments; bases adjust from 60 to 125 cm quickly and quietly
  • Bases and desk tops work together to create a full ergonomic desk and are sold separately to provide a variety of color, shape and size configurations
  • Desktop workstations adapt a traditional desk or table for sit-stand use without modifying the entire worksurface; a one-touch lever provides smooth and easy adjustments
  • Workstations include oversized keyboard trays to accommodate even the largest popular models
  • WorkWise products are compatible with Tripp Lite accessories, including display mounts and a clamp-on surge protector

 “Our new WorkWise solutions offer users a simple and cost-effective way to bring the health benefits of standing for part of the day into the workplace,” said David Slotten, Tripp Lite’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “Whether the user chooses a desk or a desktop workstation, a simple touch is all it takes to achieve a precise desktop height.”

For more information, visit: WorkWise Sit-Stand Desks and Desktop Workstations.

About Tripp Lite

Outstanding product reliability and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for over 90 years. Our innovations include the first UPS system designed for personal computers and the world’s most trusted surge suppressor—the Isobar®. Tripp Lite maintains ready-to-ship inventory of over 3,500 different products, including UPS systems, racks, cooling solutions, PDUs, KVMs, cables and connectivity products and more. Additional information can be found by visiting

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WorkWise adjustable-height workstations

WorkWise adjustable-height workstations convert existing desks to gain the benefits of standing for part of the day.

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