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CIPS to Launch Mentoring Program

By Doug Lawrence and Lucien Peron, I.S.P., ITCP, Cert.APM

Members of CIPS Ontario and CIPS Saskatchewan worked together in developing CIPS' first official version of its new mentoring program. The name chosen for the program, Brian Murray Mentoring Program (BMMP), is as a tribute to the memory of Brian Murray, in recognition for his belief in the benefit of mentoring as a way to shape the future of Information Technology in Canada, as attested by the many that he mentored throughout his career, and the many others that witnessed his passion for the subject. 

This September CIPS will be formally launching the BMMP, by partnering with selected educational institutions for the purpose of holding pilot mentoring sessions that will allow the structure, content, and training material of the program to be adjusted based on feedback received, in order to ensure its ongoing success. On that note let's take this opportunity to highlight the four (4) elements required to ensure success in any mentoring program:

1. Structure establishes a clear framework. 

2. Training ensures consistent delivery.

3. Support from the top facilitates adoption.

4. Cultural shift sees it through at all levels. 

One of the main objectives of the program is to offer CIPS members a unique opportunity to be exposed to the set of skills, values, professional conduct and mindset that, when applied properly to a given circumstance, as demonstrated by examples drawn from their own careers, selected members acting in a mentoring capacity will be able to showcase as being fundamental in paving their success. 

CIPS is in a unique position to be able to leverage its network of professionals and their wide range of demonstrated subject matter expertise, as well as proven practical experience using Information Technologies as an enabler in the execution of business strategies in all industries across the country, in order to offer the encouragement, support and guidance needed by other professionals, regardless of the career development stage at which they might be.  

Stay tuned as regular updates about the progress of the program will be provided in future editions of CIPS Connections and through social media posts. For more details visit the CIPS Mentoring Page, or drop us a line at

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