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May CIPS Volunteer of the Month: Diane Mitchnick I.S.P.

May 2016 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Diane Mitchnick I.S.P. 

CIPS Alberta

About Diane: 

What is your Background?

I have worked in IT in a variety of industries, from education to manufacturing, oil and gas to government. While I have done support, software and web development, database design and project management, I am very client-focused, and therefore have focus on UX (or user experience) when working in any of these fields. Following the combination of "math sciences and software engineering meeting social sciences" trend, I'm completing my Masters of Science in Information Systems at Athabasca University, developing a diagnostic tool that uses writing analytics to determine if a student has ADHD.

In addition to CIPS, I have a couple of other associations I belong to and are involved in, such as IEEE and AU's Journal of Integrated Studies Group. I also have a great family that consists of an encouraging husband, two forever inquisitive kids and a nosy cat. All this keeps me pretty busy, but the joy I get seeing people learn and grow from my involvement in these efforts make it all worthwhile. 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

About two years ago, I started on as the Calgary Chapter Coordinator for CIPS. We didn't have any events really happening that spoke to my group at the time (as I was an intermediate going on to a senior professional). CIPS is an organization for very seasoned professionals (mid-to-senior level managers, directors, VPs and CIOs), but it also has a student membership that didn't get utilized that often; again, since there wasn't much for students, new grads and junior to intermediate IT professionals. Attending a student event in Calgary made me realize we have the potential to get young professionals interested in IT associations again. After a coordinating a few successful events, I realized it would be great to stay on with the Calgary Chapter and though I have to take a back seat to being the coordinator this year due my studies, I still believe CIPS is one of the best IT associations for Canada will continue to be part of CIPS in the future. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

The benefits I have gotten from CIPS have been endless. Starting from getting my ISP designation, it allowed me to speak at conferences I wouldn't have been able to speak at. Building on that, I have been considered many times in my career for roles because of my designation, since my employers saw the value in that as well. But it is my volunteering efforts with CIPS that has provided the most value. Here, I learned how to network, speak to large groups, manage events, and lead initiatives. All these skills I've been able to carry on into my career. I encourage those who are a member but have not been involved in CIPS events to attend, participate and volunteer if they can. It really is a great association to be part of!



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