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The World Conference of Disaster Management
Tue, 06/07/2016 - Wed, 06/08/2016
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Are you a practitioner looking to expand your network?  Do you want access to internationally-acclaimed experts and thought leaders on current and emerging issues?  Do you need to stay up-to-date on your accreditations and continuing education, but budgets are tight?  Do you want to think "beyond the plan" to create programs that address the holistic lifecycle of BeforeDuring and After a disaster event?  

The World Conference of Disaster Management is the largest and most prestigious conference in North America for the best price point in the industry!

  • Premium Accredited Education
    50+ education sessions, pre and post conference training, international poster research - all recognized by the leading industry associations
  • Best Professional Networking
    Attended by over 1500 professionals from more than 40 countries worldwide covering multiple public and private sectors at all levels, from individual contributors to strategic leaders; access to keynote speakers and presenters
  • Extraordinary Content
    91% of attendees rated WCDM "as good as or better than" other educational conferences
  • Interactive Tradeshow
    See the latest and greatest in the disaster management industry and discover new solutions, training, contacts and more on the WCDM Trade Show Floor 
  • Compelling Value
    Other emergency management, business continuity and/or disaster recovery conferences can cost over $1000 - WCDM delivers better value for only $499CDN

It doesn’t take a superhero to make a difference – it just takes YOU being at your best.  As a professional in Emergency Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Risk Management, Crisis Communications or Emergency Response, you owe it to yourself and your constituents to be the best that you can be - before, during, and after any crisis and emergency.   Realistically, how do you do that?  WCDM is the ONE conference you can't afford to miss. Organizational resilience, community resilience, contingency planning, community preparedness, risk assessment, recovery planning, impact assessment, VOST, and SMEM are some of the key topical areas explored at WCDM 2016, where we dive in to 'before - during - after the crisis cycle'.


When disaster strikes, it's likely that it's not just your organization involved in the response.  WCDM brings together the most diverse group of disaster management professionals to facilitate new conversations and to share critical lessons learned.  You will have the opportunity to build important new relationships with agencies and organizations who may play a key role in your mitigation planning and response efforts therefore strengthening your overall emergency and continuity plans.

Anyone who wants to:

  1. Learn about what to do before-during-after the crisis cycle
  2. Learn about practical approaches to save time and money in planning to then improve preparedness
  3. Experience a unique opportunity to learn and network with professionals from as many as 40 countries, with more than 50 presentations over 2 days, plus expanded pre and post conference programs designed to help deepend learning and strengthen practical application
  4. Take advantage of the robust two day trade show and leading industry suppliers
  5. Learn globally to improve locally
  6. Learn across silos from other countries, industries and professional roles
  7. Make improved impacts in career, organization and community
  8. Learn methods to more quickly complete daily projects and stretch objectives
  9. Save time and money

Anyone who wants to meet:

  • Emergency Management professionals
  • Risk Management professionals
  • Business Continuity professionals
  • Disaster Recovery professionals
  • Fire Chiefs/CEMC's
  • Directors
  • C-Level Executives
  • Crisis Management professionals
  • First Responders

During the Conference, participants will hear presentations and panel discussions on:

  • Organizational resilience
  • How to prepare for the entire life-cycle of a crisis
  • Managing disruption in the financial sector
  • Preparedness lessons from the 2013 Souther Alberta, Canada floods
  • Disaster Heroes - The Human Factor during a Crisis
  • Family support after a tragic event
  • Lessons learned from past events
  • Adaptive leadership before, during and after a crisis
  • If your IT Disaster Recovery Plan is a disaster waiting to happen
  • Cross-sector collaboration

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