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Introducing CIPS' New CEO: Kerry Augustine I.S.P., ITCP

Kerry E. Augustine, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P

Dear CIPS Colleagues,

As the volunteer CEO for CIPS National, I would like to introduce myself and present to what I believe is an exciting future and vision for CIPS. My background as an Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) spans over 24 years and a variety of professional, business, and government organizations. I am a graduate of Red River College, Computer Analyst/Programming (CAP) as well as the University of Regina and the University of Manitoba, where I received my Certificate in Administrative Management and Data Processing Management. I also earned a Certificate in Human Resource Management at the University of Manitoba. My interests include spending time with my family, teaching, volunteering for not-for-profit (community and professional) organizations, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and golf.

My professional experience includes work with global technology integration and consulting organizations, Fortune 500™financial services company, and more recently the public service. My areas of expertise include information services delivery, IT strategic planning, workforce management, and process and change management.  I am currently the Director of Application Management Services for the Manitoba Government, Business Transformation and Technology (BTT). In this role, I lead a group of 75 staff and contract resources responsible for the support and enhancement of over 460 applicationsacross 17 Government departments, and approximatey16,000 users. I am also a part-time instructor at the University of Winnipeg, in the Faculty of Applied Computer Science and Continuing Education where I teach courses in information systems management. e-commerce, and IT governance.

I have been actively involved in CIPS (Canadian Information Processing Society) for over 22 years. I was the regional CIPS representative for Manitoba on the National Board for the past eight years before accepting the role of volunteer CEO for CIPS National. I am passionate about working with students and young professionals, developing the next generation of industry workers and leaders – particularly in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). I have taught and presented to a variety of audiences on the importance and significance of STEM and the future competitiveness of Canada.

One program that I am particularly proud of and have been engaged since its inception is the Canadian Cyber Defence Challenge (CCDC). The goal of the CCDC is to motivate students to consider academic and career disciplines in STEM by introducing them to the field of ICT with a focus on Cyber Security and Safe Online Security Practices. The program is unique to Manitoba and Canada. The CCDC is designed as an event-anchored learning model that brings students, educators, and IT industry professionals together in a collaborative environment that fosters advancements in technologies, process and practices related to business risks and security challenges. The model is based upon an interactive, scenario-based event made up of a series of exercises that help students develop some of the key IT foundation skills such as networks, servers, and security along with the soft skills of customer service, professional ethics, and communications. The system is designed to give students hands-on training in working with network technologies and system images in a real-time manner. Students are awarded points based on the number of vulnerabilities and network issues they are able to mitigate. The hands-on emulation and technology has proven to be an integral component of the program and is seen as a catalyst for effectively engaging students in the classroom. Due to the competitive nature of the program, the program attracts attention and increases the students’ awareness and interest in the fields of IT and security. The CCDC is governed by a team of IT industry professionals representing three primary support organizations: Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) Manitoba, International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., (ISC²), Manitoba/Saskatchewan Chapter and ISACA Winnipeg.

The CCDC has inspired me in thinking about the future of CIPS. My vision for CIPS is a revitalized and reenergized organization that is the premiere association for IT professionals in Canada - just like it was when I first became a member. Having had the opportunity to represent CIPS at the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP) board meeting in October, I saw first-hand the tremendous respect that CIPS received from other global IFIP members. This experience has served as a huge motivator to me in setting the CIPS National strategy.

To me, the future of CIPS lies in the next generation of IT leaders which includes the post-secondary students graduating from universities and colleges and the entry level IT practitioners working for organizations across the country. The opportunity for CIPS goes even further when I look to the students attending secondary high schools. The CCDC has shown me just how exciting it can be to be engaged as a mentor and coach to students who are learning about the profession of IT for the first time. I believe that an organization that is growing with new members has a very powerful and motivating affect on the rest of the members. The organization discovers a renewed sense of value and purpose.

My goal is to position CIPS as the “professional career compass” of choice for students by helping them appreciate and navigate the wide array of career options that are available to them in the ICT industry. According to a recent study by the Information Communications and Technology Council (ICTC), the future of IT competiveness in Canada is challenged by the fact that we need over 182,000 IT professionals by the year 2019. ICTC asserts that a 1% increase in labour productivity as the result of companies adopting advanced technologies would yield $8 billion to the Canadian economy. The opportunity for CIPS to become the professional IT organization of choice for the next generation of IT leader is huge – and it has the potential to positively shape the growth and development of CIPS in the years to come. I am committed to realizing this vision for CIPS – and I invite all current (and past) members to share this opportunity by stepping up and being a  part of the new CIPS movement.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.



Kerry E. Augustine,I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P

CEO CIPS National

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