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Featured Whitepaper: "Increase Rack Cooling Efficiency and Solve Heat-Related Problems"


Low-Cost and No-Cost Cooling Best Practices Provide Exceptional ROI for Small to Mid-Size Data Centers

Executive Summary

Cooling tends to take a back seat to other concerns when server rooms and small to mid-size data centers are first built. As computing needs grow, increased heat production can compromise equipment performance and cause shutdowns. Haphazard data center expansion creates cooling inefficiencies that magnify these heat-related problems. End users may assume that they need to increase cooling capacity, but this is expensive and often unnecessary. In most cases, low-cost rack cooling best practices will solve heat-related problems. Best practices optimize airflow, increase efficiency, prevent downtime and reduce costs.


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Tripp Lite’s Newest Portable Air Conditioning Units Provide Simple Cooling for High-Density IT Environments

Chicago, IL, USA—Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of IT infrastructure solutions, has introduced two additions to its award-winning line of IT cooling solutions, the SRCOOL18K and SRCOOL24K. Following the success of the SRCOOL12K, the brand’s first portable cooling model, these new air conditioners provide higher capacities while retaining the compact convenience of the original.

The Tripp Lite air conditioners reside closer to racks and equipment than perimeter cooling units, providing efficient and cost-saving close-coupled cooling. By directing cooling where it is needed most, the units are ideal for primary, backup or supplemental cooling in server rooms, datacenters and other applications with heat-sensitive equipment.

The new AC units are portable and self-contained. Installation is do-it-yourself simple, with no need for a disruptive construction project or the costly services of a plumber or HVAC specialist.

The SRCOOL24K model includes a preinstalled network card that allows IT staff to remotely monitor conditions and control settings over the network via SNMP, Web, SSH or telnet. The SRCOOL18K model offers the same capabilities with the addition of an optional management accessory.

Key Features:

  • 18,000 or 24,000 BTU/h of cooling capacity in only 60 x 60 cm of space
  • Focus cooled air where it’s needed most, or use the adjustable louvered vents to cool a small room
  • No need to install a collection tank or floor drain: the built-in evaporator prevents condensation from accumulating
  • Monitor and control cooling status from anywhere in the world
  • Units restart automatically after a power failure

    “These new higher-capacity cooling solutions give IT managers new money-saving options for protecting equipment from costly shutdowns caused by overheating,” said Craig Watkins, Tripp Lite Product Manager. “Plus, their compact footprints mean they can be reconfigured easily to respond to new challenges as the user’s needs change.”

For more information, visit: Tripp Lite Portable Cooling Solutions.


About Tripp Lite

Outstanding product reliability and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for over 90 years. Our innovations include the first UPS system designed for personal computers and the world’s most trusted surge suppressor—the Isobar®. Tripp Lite maintains ready-to-ship inventory of over 3,000 different products, including UPS systems, racks, cooling solutions, PDUs, surge suppressors, KVMs, cables and connectivity products and more. Additional information can be found by visiting


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