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Featured Whitepaper: "Top 12 Questions to Consider When Choosing UPS Systems for Network/Server Applications"


One of the fundamental decisions in the design of data centers, server rooms and network closets is which uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems to use. You cannot be certain that the power you receive from your local utility will be suitable for your equipment, or that it will always be available. And even when you are receiving good-quality power from the utility, equipment inside your facility (such as electric motors) can introduce power problems.

A network/server UPS system conditions input power 24x7 to ensure that your equipment always receives reliable power and protection from damaging and disruptive power problems. A network/server UPS system also supports your equipment during power failures, providing enough battery backup runtime to outlast shorter outages. During longer outages, the UPS system will provide enough runtime to save files and gracefully shut down systems or to ensure that equipment is powered until standby generators are ready to support the load.

Choosing the right UPS system can improve system availability and save your organization from the high cost and inconvenience of downtime, as well as deliver significant savings through improved energy efficiency. How can you determine which UPS is appropriate for your application? Here are the top 12 questions you should consider to help you choose the right network/server UPS system.

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Tripp Lite introduces new highly customizable SmartOnline UPS system

UPS operation and communication adjust to each user’s individual needs

Chicago, USA, February 15, 2016— Tripp Lite, a world-leading manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, has extended its line of SmartOnline UPS systems with the addition of the SU3000LCD2UHV. The new model, with a capacity of 3,000 VA/2,700 Watts and an interactive LCD interface, is ideal for any critical voice, data, medical or industrial IT application.

The customizable SU3000LCD2UHV provides the highest level of protection against blackouts and power problems with five adjustable power strategies. These different strategies allow the user to choose the UPS operation that best aligns with his power protection priorities. They include Auto-Adaptive, Max Efficiency, Max Quality, Frequency Regulation and Frequency Conversion. The UPS, which features a selectable output voltage of 200/208/220/230/240V, provides high-efficiency operation of up to 95% and a 0.9 power factor.

Customizable communications and behavior settings afford even greater flexibility by integrating with device makers’ specific needs. For example, the user can program overload thresholds and low battery levels for alert and shutdown, set conditions for auto-restart, or schedule a system reboot if the USB signal from a connected device is lost.

The advanced customizable features of the SU3000LCD2UHV can be configured using the interactive front-panel LCD, which also provides detailed UPS status information like load and battery levels. In addition, the UPS’ runtime can be extended with the addition of optional external battery packs, and “Smart” battery packs, such as Tripp Lite’s BP72V18-2US, are automatically sensed and configured during replacement. Plus, battery-independent restart ensures automatic UPS power-up after lengthy power outages, even with expired batteries.

Tripp Lite’s new SU3000LCD2UHV SmartOnline UPS was designed to provide the highest level of protection against power problems and the highest level of flexibility in order to meet the unique needs of every individual user.

For more information on the SU3000LCD2UHV, please visit or send an email to

About Tripp Lite

Outstanding product reliability and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for over 90 years. Tripp Lite´s innovations include the world’s first UPS system designed specifically for personal computers and the world’s most trusted premium surge suppressor—the Isobar®—with more than 19 million in use. Tripp Lite maintains the highest level of ready-to-ship inventory in the industry with more than 3,000 different products, including UPS systems, rack systems and cooling solutions, PDUs, PowerAlert software for enterprise-level system management and control, surge suppressors, KVM switches, cables and connectivity products, inverters, power strips and notebook accessories. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Tripp Lite maintains a global presence with fully staffed offices worldwide. Additional information, including a list of Tripp Lite’s sales offices and authorized reseller partners, can be found by visiting Tripp Lite’s website:


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Tripp Lite


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