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FEAPO (Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations) Searching for New President

The FEAPO Board of Directors are searching for a new President. Please see the position description below:

FEAPO Officer Position:  President

Title: FEAPO President

Position Reports To: FEAPO Board of Directors (per FEAPO Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 8.02).

Projected Date of Appointment:As soon as possible after candidate vetting, approval process, and Board of Directors affirmative vote.

Length of Tenure: The specific length of tenure for all FEAPO Officers is 3 years (per FEAPO Bylaws, Article VIII Section 8.05(a)).

Compensation:FEAPO Officers and Executives serve the organization on a volunteer basis only.

Authority to Authorize Disbursement of FEAPO Funds: Authorized to approve the disbursement of FEAPO funds allocated to defined and approved budget(s), subject to review and audit procedures as published by FEAPO Treasurer and/or Board of Directors.

Position Description and Duties:Per FEAPO Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 8.02, the President’s role and responsibilities are defined as follows:

(a) The President is the Chief Executive Officer of FEAPO, selected by and reporting to the FEAPO Board of Directors.

(b) Duties

(i) The President shall serve as an advisor to the Council, Board, and Working Groups.

(ii) The President shall be the Presiding Person at all FEAPO meetings of the Council and Board and be responsible for meeting arrangements.

(iii) The President shall work with FMOs in establishing the objectives and agenda for each Council meeting prior to recommendation of the agenda to the Board for approval.

(iv) The President shall work with Working Group Liaisons to help them achieve their objectives.

(v) The President shall report to the Board the progress of Working Groups on a quarterly basis.

(vi) The President shall monitor the activities of Working Groups, and bringing to the attention of the Board or Council as appropriate, any matter where there does not appear to be sufficient adherence to the formal governance requirements of FEAPO.

(vii) The President shall assure that Resolution, Consensus, and Super-majority votes and Quorum rules are used as appropriate for all FEAPO decisions.

(viii) The President shall ensure that all Working Group activities have open accessibility for participation by all FEAPO Delegates and Agents.

(viv) The President manages the work and actions of the FEAPO Secretariat and Treasurer.

Additional Duties

The President also performs (including supervision of the performance by others) the following additional duties that are not formally defined in the FEAPO Bylaws:

(a)   Represents FEAPO to external entities (e.g. media, benefactors, industry groups, etc.) and organizations and may delegate such duties to others in the organization as required.

(b)  Creates the strategic five-year plans and implements new processes and approaches to achieve the goals stated in the plans.

(c)   Develops Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to evaluate the factors that are crucial to the success of FEAPO.

(d)  Working in partnership with the Treasurer on revenue growth; expense, cost, and margin control, and annual financial goal management.

(e)   Develop, establish, and direct execution of operating policies and procedures to support overall FEAPO objectives.

(f)   Participate in membership growth activities to support FEAPO business objectives and plans.

(g)  Serve as the internal leader of the organization by providing on-going support to Working Groups, staff, and coordinating the annual operations plan and budget.

(h)  Analyze the current technology infrastructure and determine the appropriate level of information technology and financial systems that support the growth of the organization.

(i)    Work in partnership with the Executives, Officers, Board of Directors, and others to create marketing and revenue goals including but not limited to membership growth, revenue growth, market reach, awareness, and promotion activities.

(j)    Develop, establish, and direct execution of marketing, communications, promotion, visibility, and onboarding programs as needed to reach those goals within defined budgets.

(k)  Coordinate with Board of Directors committees for onboarding, business models, and advocacy

(l)    Serve as the visible face of the organization by being the point of contact for new members, press inquiries, and relationships with partner organizations.

(m) Building good rapport with FEAPO Member Organization Delegates to ensure the retention of their membership with FEAPO.

(n)  Provide executive support as requested by the FEAPO Board of Directors.

(o)  Nominates candidates for approval by the FEAPO Board of Directors for the following FEAPO Executive Vice President (EVP) positions:

Executive Vice President – Operations

Executive Vice President – Marketing

(p)  Delegates, supervises, and approves the work and activities of the FEAPO EVPs.

Qualifications for the Position

All candidates for the position of FEAPO President must meet the following qualifications:

a)     Professional qualifications

-       Effective at networking with various organizations

-       Established within the Enterprise Architecture community

-       Experience in non-profit organizations and fund-raising preferred

-       Committed to Enterprise Architecture as a discipline and profession

b)    Work experience

c)     Other qualifying experience (e.g. published works, prior leadership/managerial experience)

d)    Time available to perform duties

-       Ability to commit substantial time per week to duties (approximately 10-15 hours per week) and active participation in 2 annual FEAPO events per year (approximately 2-3 days per event, not including travel time)

Application, Questions, and Comments

All candidates should send resumes and a cover letter explaining interest and qualifications for the position to Robert McIlree (FEAPO Secretariat) at Those with questions and/or comments about the position as described may also contact Mr. McIlree for further information.

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