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Event Recap: CIPS Ontario Jan 19 “Audit/Risk and Compliance in the IT World” Event

As a CIPS Member, observing the recent event hosted in Mississauga entitled “Audit/Risk and Compliance in the IT World” confirmed to me what the announcement made last year about the new vision for CIPS was all about: the promise of a dynamic organization that delivers relevant content based on best practices and experiences learned by years of practice.

The networking event that followed the presentation allowed me to discover the breadth of experience that CIPS members bring to the table. There was diverse representation of industries, organizations, areas of knowledge –within IT and other functional areas-, experience and seniority. I learned in 30 minutes what it would have taken me days to search on my own –and it would not have been as entertaining, to be sure. And again, I might not have ever been exposed to that knowledge, otherwise.

As a CIPS Ontario Board Member and co-organizer of this event, observing the turn out for the first ever event hosted in Mississauga, in the City Hall facilities, no less, gave me a sense of pride. What most of us take for granted in this type of events, is all the work that happens behind the scenes to be able to pull this off. Keep also in mind that these events are mostly ran by fellow CIPS members that volunteer their time and services, selflessly taking time from their personal lives to give back to the profession. From the meetings and visits to the City of Mississauga facilities, to the test runs of the webcast and recording technologies, to the signs that were affixed throughout the building, to the catering, to the management of registration lists, to the email and call invitations, to the welcoming of attendees.  Lots of moving parts that needed to be well orchestrated.

Was it perfect? As my professional experience has taught me, perfection is in the eye of the beholder and it also is a moving target. I must say CIPS did its very best and, based on the survey results, it was a definite success. Rest assured that in the spirit of continuous improvement, the few elements highlighted in the survey responses will be incorporated in future events.

True, this event was held in Mississauga, but it was also broadcasted live over the Internet. This demonstrated to us the fact that future events can be broadcasted to all CIPS members from anywhere. What was mentioned briefly during the presentation was the fact that some of the participants in the webinar were teaching professors that gathered their students into their classrooms and used their audiovisual technology to attend.

In order to leverage the truly national presence of both, CIPS members and resources, webcasts will continue to be used for future CIPS events throughout the country. It does not mean that CIPS will stop hosting live events near you. Quite the contrary, the vision is to coordinate efforts with other provinces and sections, in order to enable local gatherings to take place, regardless of the location from which the presentation is being broadcasted. Who would not want to hear what our counterparts in other geographies –worldwide-, let alone industries, want to showcase? Just think about that for a minute … there is a lot of value to you. –thanks Leonard for your input on this very subject.

A special recognition needs to be given to both, Shawn Slack and James Lin from the City of Mississauga, for facilitating this event, as well as agreeing to continue to be hosts for future events. Also, a special mention to our knowledgeable speaker, Bashir Fancy for a subject that could be considered controversial by some, but that through his experiences highlighted the need to drive a cultural change in organizations to ensure that these traditionally siloed functions become integrated into the strategic, tactical and operational fabric of organizations, in order to proactively safeguard their interests.  

As our founding fathers would say, yes, the guys that back in 1958 got together and figured that the IT profession was rapidly developing, it is up to all of us to advance our profession and keeping it current and relevant.

How can you contribute, you may ask yourself? There are many ways. To start, take an active role in participating in CIPS organized events. You can also act as the host and invite other members that live or work near you to join you. If you have experience in a particular subject, or there is a project of which you feel proud and you want to become a speaker, contact a board representative in your province and provide your ideas, comments and suggestions. If you do not know who to contact, just send your inquiry at

We would love to hear from you !!!

Lucien Peron I.S.P., ITCP 


If you could not attend the event or you want to access the recording, just follow the link to the webcast that is included below:

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