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October CIPS Volunteer of the Month: Lucien Peron I.S.P., ITCP

October 2015 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Lucien Peron I.S.P., ITCP 

CIPS Ontario

About Lucien: 

What is your Background?

My career in the Information Technology field started in or around 1990, when personal computers were starting to appear in the corporate scene. When I was about to complete my bachelor's in Information Systems, an opportunity to join a company as a co-op student came knocking on my door. I gladly accepted it, as I wanted to gain experience and find out how companies where applying technology to improve business processes. Reality was, it was as much a learning experience for me as it was for the company I joined. That still holds true today about technology, wouldn’t you agree? An specialization in Software Engineering and a few positions later –in Canada and internationally- have given me the opportunity to experience all the facets in the IT field: from end user support, to IT management, to networks, to security, to development, to databases, to project management, to business intelligence. Information Technology is continuously evolving and it requires you to be on your toes to keep up.

I obtained my I.S.P. certification in 2006 and my ITCP as soon as it became available. I truly believe in the value that professionalism brings to the field, as there are many practitioners from very different backgrounds and it becomes very important that a Code of Ethics, like the one developed jointly by CIPS and IFIP, is used in governing our