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CIPS ON Toronto Sept 30th Gathering: "Embedding Security Into Big Data Environments"
Wed, 09/30/2015
Event Location: 


Embedding Security Into Big Data Environments

Technological advancement and expanded use of smart phones are creating significant opportunities for businesses, but competition is also growing. Disruptive technology operators are ever more capable of addressing the needs of their customers, cheaper, faster and better. An increasing need to stand out from the competition is driving businesses to harness maximal value from big data in order to better target their customers. The challenge arises when security is introduced into the mix. With the collection of big data, how can businesses understand the behaviour and needs of their customers to provide excellent user experience while ensuring that their privacy is not compromised with this ease of use? In this interactive workshop, we will discuss:

1.      Understanding emerging security risks and evolving your organizational culture accordingly

2.      Identifying long-term solutions for safely handling massive amounts of data

3.      Assessing the impact of security breaches to your business from a legal standpoint

4.      What does the law require when regarding protecting the confidential information and what are your potential liability

Overcome the security challenges within your big data environment with great results.


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