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CIPS BC supports Computer Science students at BC post secondary schools in a variety of ways

For the last two years CIPS BC has been able to give teams of Computer Science students at universities around the province some help with travel costs to attend the annual ACM Regional Programming Contest in Vancouver each November. 

In Vancouver, on February 3rd 2015, CIPS BC President Dave O'Leary, I.S.P., ITCP, presented awards to members of the UBC Comp. Sci. teams who took part at ACM.  Two awards of $1000.00 each were presented  to the two top ranked teams from BC universities in the overall Pacific West coast rankings.  Both winning teams were from UBC this year!  Congratulations on their success…. due to plenty of hard work, a lot of pizza-fuelled after-hours practice sessions, and being aided by dedicated faculty and senior student advisors! 

Not only did students receive support, recognition, and awards, but CIPS BC did another follow up to the ACM event at the University of Victoria on February 5th 2015. While Professor Tom Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP was in Victoria to present at a CIPS luncheon we managed to fit in a visit to the Comp. Sci. department. Tom presented the certificates to students who had participated in the ACM contest. He also talked about the privacy, security and ethical challenges they will deal with in their workplaces after graduation.

CIPS BC expects to offer this program again this year in November.




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