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CIPS NL Feb 5th Luncheon "Privacy & the Internet of Things" Event Photos

Privacy and the Internet of Things

 Guest speaker is Mandy Woodland  

Thursday, Feb 5th, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is colossal, and growing. According to a January 2014 research report from Raymond James & Associates, today 80 "things" – including consumer electronics, machine tools, industrial equipment, cars, and appliances – connect to the Internet for the first time every second. By 2020 this will expand to 250 new devices every second. While there are many benefits to this connectedness, it also presents serious security and data privacy challenges.


The Speaker:

Mandy is a commercial lawyer with a focus on privacy and technology, and owner of Mandy Woodland Law in St. John's, NL - a virtual law firm providing flat rate services and part-time in-house counsel services both on- and off-site for clients. She acts as a business partner, providing legal services and advice to companies and indiv