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October CIPS Volunteer of the Month: Candace Phelps

October 2014 CIPS Volunteer of the Month:

Candace Phelps

Marketing Chair, CIPS Alberta & NWT

About Candace: 

What is your Background?

I was 11 when we first got a computer in our home and I quickly became the go-to person to figure things out when someone was stuck. That’s where my interest in technology was born. Since then, I pursued a degree in Computing Science from the University of Alberta. I absolutely loved the only course that was offered in designing web applications (and received an A+). I maintained my interest in Technology by pursuing an Education degree majoring in Career & Technology Studies and enjoyed exploring how to teach Computing Science in high school and how to increase the number of females interested in these courses. I’m currently working as a Designer / Developer, loving the exploration of User Experience to help people meet their goals, and reading through the A Book Apart series. In my spare time, I can be found frequenting coffee shops and practicing my singing skills in a small vocalist group (…not in the coffee shops though). 


What type of Involvement have you had with CIPS?

I’ve attended CIPS dinners for the past 3 years and, as of this Fall, joined the CIPS Board to help make CIPS more relevant for its members. 


What value has your involvement with CIPS provided?

An opportunity to work with IT professionals outside of work! I’m also excited about the opportunity to apply design skills to the CIPS AB newsletters and website.


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