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CIPS Webcast: Tom Keenan - "Torturing Open Government Systems for Fun, Profit and Time Travel" (Member-Only Content)

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CIPS Webcast: Tom Keenan - "Torturing Open Government Systems for Fun, Profit and Time Travel" (Member-Only Content)

About Tom:

Mr. Tom Keenan (@drfuture) wrote his first machine and assembler language programs in 1965 and by 1972 was working as a systems programmer on the KRONOS and MULTICS operating systems. This led to a long career as a computer science professor, media commentator and writer about the human side of technology. He helped design one of the first automated DNA sequencing machines as well as a system for personal identification based on typing rhythm. He has a Masters in Engineering and a Doctorate from Columbia University and has held a number of credentials including CISSP but doesnít feel the need for that now.

An award-winning journalist, he co-authored the 1984 CBC Radio IDEAS series “Crimes of the Future” and is currently writing a book on creepiness to be published by OR Books Dr. Thomas P. Keenan, FCIPS, I.S.P., ITCP Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science Research Fellow, Centre for Military and Strategic Studies University of Calgary.


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