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CIPS ON London May 29th Dinner: "Organizational Innovation: Enhancing/Creating Value for stakeholders"
Thu, 05/29/2014
Event Location: 

Please join your local CIPS Community for what is guaranteed to be an excellent dinner, presentation and Networking opportunity.

CIPS is pleased to present our guest speaker Joseph Edward who will engage our attendees and share his perspective on the importance of organizational innovation and how to implement new ideas to create value.

Organizational Innovation: Enhancing/Creating Value for stakeholders

May 29, 2014 - 5:45 to 10:00 pm

5:45 pm   –      Registration and Networking

6:15 pm   –      Hot & Cold dinner (please advise if you have any special dietary needs)

7:20 – 9 pm     Introductions and Speaker Presentation

                        Networking to follow


Location: Best Western Lamplighter Inn

591 Wellington Road, London, Ontario



Cost:   $45 for non-members

$35 for CIPS, PMI and TechAlliance members

$20for Students


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About this presentation: Organizational Innovation: Enhancing/Creating Value for stakeholders

“Crisis in innovation: Canada’s next economic disaster?” – Michael Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law

The Crisis is looming. Innovation is essential to a high-performing economy. Countries that are more innovative are passing Canada on measures such as income per capita, productivity, and the quality of their social programs. It is also critical for environmental protection, a high-performing education system, a well-functioning system of health promotion and health care, and an inclusive society.

Innovation is not just for businesses. Society at large must take steps to innovate continuously. Businesses and organizations failing to innovate will disappear or become irrelevant. They will become an entry in the history books. Some businesses that were considered innovative have vanished altogether in the last decade or so.  This also applies to countries, cities and communities regardless, of their size or population.  Governments that are not innovating will experience more severe consequences compared to an individual, business or organization.

Innovation must be at the heart of every organization.  Businesses and organizations invested in innovation cultures and strategy will create and/or enhance the value for their stakeholders. Cities and countries leading the innovation journey will emerge as winners in the 21st century.

Leaders have a disproportionately large effect on the cultures of organisations and systems. By their behaviours, leaders create the conditions that either hinder or aid innovation.” (Maher, Plsek, Price, Mugglestone 2010)

We need innovative leadership, innovative thinking, innovative culture and innovative solutions to turn the corner.   As leaders of our respective organizations, we have a huge responsibility. We can no longer accept the status quo and leave a bigger mess for our future generations.


Let us meet and share our thoughts, ideas, best practices, frameworks, current challenges, future opportunities, etc. about “organizational innovation” and explore ways of moving an “innovation agenda” in each of our organizations.  We will explore the following topics and many more.

·         What is innovation?

·         What is the innovation gap?  What are the major reasons for this gap? How to close the gap?

·         What is the role of leadership in organizational innovation?

·         Is the current management style and structure conducive for innovation?

·         Innovation Framework: Why do we need a framework? What is the framework? How do we apply it?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher


About Joseph Edward

Joseph Edward has been in the IT field for over 30 years, holding several technical and managerial positions. Known as IT Visionary and IT Evangelist, he strongly believes in transformative and strategic value of IT and promotes these by using technology to create and enhance value for stakeholders.

During his career, in addition to ensuring the organization gets a reliable, secure, redundant IT infrastructure and cost effective IT services, he also leveraged IT in a strategic manner and transformed business processes and organizational culture. He used IT to eliminate silos within an organization, to improve collaboration, to improve business processes, to improve service to internal and external stakeholders, to develop partnerships between internal and external organizations and volunteer groups, and to provide hands-on work experience for skilled but unemployed and underemployed, etc. 



Joseph has been very passionate about organization innovation by aligning technology with business, improving business processes, reducing the cost of “running IT” and investing the savings in strategic Business-IT projects, transforming the IT division from a cost centre to a revenue generator, and developing IT skills within the division, etc.  He led several innovative projects, some of which earned awards in Ontario and in USA.  London downtown Wi-Fi, implementation of “DioNet” -Diocesan wide area network for connecting over 175 locations in South Western Ontario, development  of the Parish Information Management System known as “Our Parish Family”, City of London Website, etc. are some of the many projects.  DioNet and Our Parish Family projects earned him an “IT Leadership Excellence Award” and “IT Visionary Award”.  The Wi-Fi project earned an Ontario Municipal IT Excellence award in 2013.



With this passion for helping organizations innovate using technology, education and business process optimization, and with the purpose of opening doors and providing more opportunities for unemployed and underemployed, he is in the process of establishing his own company.  This company will focus on organizational innovation and will assist organizations to align IT with business processes, optimize IT investments, reduce cost and eventually create and/or enhance value for their stakeholders.  As part of social responsibility, the company will be primarily focusing on developing opportunities for the unemployed, underemployed and students, to provide meaningful technical and business experience through training and participation in real business projects, and eventually creating jobs in those communities.



Joseph holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Sri Lanka and Chief Information Officer Certification from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA and from the Chief Information Officers University of the US General Services Administration.  He is currently pursuing further studies focusing on “Organizational Innovation”, “Developing new business model” and “Leadership”.


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