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New Canadian Council of IT Professionals




Greg LaneI would like to take a moment to introduce myself as the Chair and Spokesperson of the new Canadian Council of Information Technology Professionals (CCITP).  I am proud to announce that the CCITP is now officially the governing body of CIPS. 

The changes to the CIPS by-laws for the implementation of a new CIPS governance model were approved by the CIPS membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on May 7, 2008 in Ottawa, Ontario.  The former CIPS National Board of Directors has now been replaced by the new CCITP.  

My role as Chair of the new CCITP provides CIPS with continuity as it works to implement the new governance structure.  As a former CIPS President (2003-2004) and CIPS Vice President (2007-2008), I will give the CCITP direction and advice based on my CIPS experience over the years.  Like any major structural change, the implementation of the new CIPS governance model will take some time as CIPS works diligently to bring this into fruition.  However, my role as Chair will also be to oversee the transition process to ensure that it is a smooth one for the organization and for all CIPS members. 

The new CCITP is composed of CIPS Provincial members who represent the entire membership, which includes both certified and non-certified members. 

The following are the members of the new CCITP who are your CIPS representatives: 

  • Jon Nightingale I.S.P. (British Columbia and Yukon Territories);

  • Trekker Armstrong I.S.P. (Alberta and Northwest Territories);

  • Daryle Niedermayer I.S.P. (Saskatchewan);

  • Kerry Augustine I.S.P. (Manitoba);

  • Len Inkster I.S.P. (Ontario);

  • Will Gough I.S.P. (Newfoundland and Nunavut Territories);

  • Lem Murphy I.S.P. (Nova Scotia);

  • Gerald Caissy I.S.P. (Prince Edward Island);

  • Mary Jean Kucerak, Ex-Officio; and

  • Greg Lane I.S.P., Chair.

The province of New Brunswick is planning to appoint a CIPS representative soon.  In addition, FiQ (CIPS's partner in Quebec) is also currently seeking a CIPS representative for the province.

Feel free to contact any of the CIPS representatives listed above if you have questions or comments.  You can also visit the CIPS national website at: for more information or contact CIPS Executive Director Mary Jean Kucerak (1-877-ASK-CIPS or    

The AGM held on May 7, 2008 was a milestone occasion for CIPS, not just to celebrate the association's 50th anniversary, but also to signify changes on how the association will be managed in the years to come.  A lot of important activities also transpired in the past year that increased CIPS's profile in the international community.  I am thankful to all the CIPS volunteers across the country who contributed their time and effort to provide us with member value.  I encourage you to learn more about these CIPS accomplishments.  These accomplishments are highlighted in former CIPS President (2007-2008) Stephen Ibaraki's message in the CIPS Annual Report 2007-2008 which is now available on-line at:

I am very excited about the year ahead.  CIPS has a lot of great projects on-the-go that will help us with our IT professional development and professionalism needs.  I encourage you to look out for communication soon about a new CIPS professional IT designation that will allow members to qualify for the first-ever international IT designation before it is launched world-wide in 2009.  This new professional designation will be a great opportunity for all CIPS members to gain recognition internationally.  So now is the perfect time for you to become actively involved in CIPS as a volunteer. There are many important projects that I know can help leverage our IT careers.  Together we can really make a difference.  The IT knowledge, expertise and time that we contribute will demonstrate to our employer, clients and customers the true value we place on our IT profession.

Greg -

Greg Lane I.S.P.
Canadian Council of Information Technology Professionals (CCITP)  

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