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CIPS Applauds Canada’s “Digital Canada 150 strategy”

CIPS applauds the development and initiative of the Government of Canada’s Digital Canada 150 strategyCIPS congratulates Minister Moore and the Government of Canada on this initiative.  This strategy is important to increase Canada’s productivity, which comes in part from the adoption and implementation of digital technology. 

While organizations adopt and implement digital technology, it is encouraged, proposed, advocated for and actually done by IT practitioners and other individuals.  CIPS members do this as a part of their everyday work.  Through our membership we will encourage people to promote the initiatives outlined in Digital Canada 150.

While all the initiatives outlined in Digital Canada 150 have as a goalto “position Canada among the world’s leaders in adopting digital technologies”, people are still needed to implement the technologies and to train others to use them.  We are particularly pleased to see the investment of $40 million to support 3000 internships in high demand fields. A commitment to increase the supply of digital technology skilled workers fits well with CIPS initiatives to promote the IT profession and develop and maintain the competency of its practitioners.

The inclusion of strengthening the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) to better protect the online privacy of all Canadians is an important component of Digital Canada 150.  CIPS affirms that privacy protection is both an ethical imperative as well as a set of design principles that are essential to the proper functioning of our organizations and institutions.  We will provide com