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CIPS Launches New Website

In the past year, with the help of the CIPS Web Advisory Panel, CIPS has been developing the new website that you are viewing now.  Our objective for this site is to provide member value and create a central repository that houses CIPS activities to enhance collaboration and sharing. 

This new CIPS website has a new platform, a solid open source Content Management System.  This will allow us to make the website more interactive and incorporate "Discussion Groups" on relevant topics. Discussion groups on security, business continuity, and professionalism have been introduced here and you are encouraged to start a dialogue with your peers across the county. We would certainly welcome other proposed Discussion Groups and any CIPS members who are interested in leading a Discussion Group(s) should contact Mylene Sayo, Public Relations Manager at the National Office at:  

Registration to the New CIPS Website

As part of the new features of this new CIPS website, visitors to the site will now be required to sign-in.  This gives CIPS the opportunity to monitor visitors to the site and gain valuable feedback on our member services.  Our hope is that we are able to encourage more active participation from the IT community and gain valuable insight on benefits that we can offer.

Please note that ALL CIPS members have been pre-registered to the new CIPS website.  As a CIPS member visiting the new site for the first time, the only requirement for them would be to "click on" the "Forgot Password" option on the screen and provide their e-mail address.  This will then allow the system to automatically send them a password to the e-mail address that that they provided.  For CIPS members who have any problems signing in even after receiving your password, please contact any of the CIPS National Office staff who will be happy to assist you: (toll free) 1-877-ASK-CIPS or

Please also note that visitors to this site will continue to be able to view the public CIPS web pages, and members will be able to gain access to the CIPS Membership Directory using their User I.D. and password.  There will still be a separate sign-in for membership information.

As you know the revamping of a CIPS website is an enormous undertaking.  We recognize that we cannot complete the workings of the new CIPS website in one sitting.  It will be an on-going project as we remove and add features of relevance.  Initially, there will be very little non-public information. But, over time, we expect to build up valuable information only accessible to CIPS members.

We ask for your patience and understanding at this time as we try to incorporate all parts of CIPS to the new site.  We also ask you to use the survey "Poll" feature on the new site to provide feedback.  This will help us to make improvements to the site.

Thank you to the CIPS Website Advisory Panel, Len Inkster I.S.P., Brian Murray and Pat Gaudet, I.S.P. for their work on the site.  A special thank you to Bob Fabian I.S.P. for successfully leading this initiative on behalf of CIPS.

CIPS is proud to be providing members with a new website that we believe will be a valuable tool and communication vehicle for our IT community.


Greg -

Greg Lane I.S.P., Chair

Canadian Council of Information Technology Professionals (CCITP), CIPS 

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