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New Zealand Joins IP3 Partnership

The International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3), created under the auspices of IFIP to help define the global ICT profession, and New Zealand Computer Society (NZCS), announced today that NZCS has joined the global IP3 partnership.

The IP3 partnership governs the International professional ICT standard and accredits member countries' national ICT certification programs which meet this standard.

Since its inception in January 2007 the IP3 initiative has made significant progress and is steadily working towards achieving its vision where the enormous potential of IT is exploited to fully deliver the maximum benefit to the greatest number of people.

"NZCS joining the partnership is the first step in gaining formal international recognition of their upcoming ITCP Certification Program for IT Professionals", Roger Hart, IP3 Acting Chair said today. "This will also significantly increase the credibility of NZ companies with ITCP certified professionals on staff when competing on the world stage."

"Alignment with the IP3 standard will add significant weight to the NZCS ITCP Certification and should contribute to Government and other organizations insisting on certified professionals independently accredited to the international standard", NZCS CEO Paul Matthews said.

NZCS have focused heavily on projects designed to lift the profession in New Zealand over the last 18 months, culminating in the announcement of the "Information Technology Certified Professional", or ITCP, certification in early 2009 (

NZCS joins founding members the Australian Computer Society (ACS), British Computer Society (BCS), Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), and IEEE-CS (USA) to become the first non-founding member of the IP3 partnership. A significant number of other countries' ICT professional bodies are also expected to join over the coming months.

There has been noteworthy global interest in the IP3 effort which last year culminated in the IP3 accreditation of the Australian Computer Society and the Canadian Information Processing Society, which are now each able to confer the IP3 international professional standard.

IP3 encourages all IT professional bodies who aspire towards actively promoting professionalism in IT to join the Partnership, whether or not accreditation is the end goal. By joining IP3, NZCS have demonstrated their commitment to advancing the ICT profession both in New Zealand and globally. "With our international partners and through IP3, we're all working together to further the interests of the global ICT profession" Matthews said.

"We are very pleased that NZCS has joined IP3", said Hart. "We are actively encouraging all ICT-related professional societies with a commitment to professionalism to join IP3 as part of our objective of building a global ICT profession. This will be to the benefit of all stakeholders, but especially the ICT practitioners and their employers".

For more info please contact:

Paul Matthews, NZCS Chief Executive, 4 4731043 or +64 21 705212

Roger Hart, IP3 Acting Chair, +1 250 7153039 or +1 604 761 3039

About the NZ Computer Society

NZCS has been the professional body of ICT Professionals in New Zealand for around 49 years, and as a non-profit charitable organization works with industry, academia, Government and the wider community to achieve its mission of increasing the standards and professionalism of both the NZ ICT industry and the base-level ICT skills and competence of New Zealanders.

The Society is made up of a large number of ICT professionals as well as partnerships with New Zealand's leading organizations - both ICT companies and other organizations who are serious about the development of their staff - both ICT professionals and ICT users.

About IP3

IP3 is a global partnership that defines international standards of professionalism in IT. IP3 will create an infrastructure to encourage and support the development of both IT practitioners and employer organizations, and give recognition to those who meet and maintain the required standards for knowledge, experience, competence and integrity. For more information visit or e-mail (Media enquiries) or (Membership enquiries).

About IFIP

IFIP is the leading multinational, apolitical organization in Information & Communications Technologies and Sciences. Established by UNESCO in 1960, and recognized by United Nations and other world bodies, IFIP represents IT Societies from 56 countries and regions, covering all 5 continents with a total membership of over half a million IT professionals.

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