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Red Deer Event (May 8): "The basics of network penetration testing (wireless attacks and social engineering)"
Wed, 05/08/2013
Event Location: 
(Red Deer)



North Hill Inn 7150 Gaetz Ave, Red Deer 

Start Time

5/8/2013 6:00 PM 

End Time

5/8/2013 8:00 PM 


TJ Callahan and Seth Spitkoski

The basics of network penetration testing (wireless attacks and social engineering)

Wireless technology is becoming extremely pervasive in today’s world; in fact most people expect to be connected where ever they happen to be.  Wireless solutions are also shifting into the workplace, and while it provides an excellent means of communication important flaws should be noted and precaution taken when using wireless technology.  Wireless attacks are extremely easy to perform due to wireless network behavior it is, by design, a promiscuous technology which leaves it vulnerable to numerous exploits.  Kali Linux (formerly Backtrack) is a Linux distribution used worldwide by network penetration testers due to its extensive library of tools, and a large supporting community.  The creators of Kali Linux have benevolent intentions for the tool, however multiple tutorials and videos online allow “script kiddies” to perform attacks without truly understanding what is occurring, and still obtaining data.

A company may have the most physically secured network but can the same be said about the employees and information bleeding outside the walls? With a compromised wireless network an attacker could bypass firewalls and see every piece of hardware and software without ever setting foot inside the office. Information can be gathered then analyzed to use against employees and hardware to divulge sensitive information or cause damage to a network. It is for these reasons security conscious and even average users should be made aware of various wireless and internal attack vectors, and how to lower their attack surface. 

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