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CIPS - ICE Tech Day in Calgary (Recap)


From our attendees:

  • "This CIPS event was really well done. The speakers were fantastic!"
  • "The day was most enjoyable and I look forward to the next session!"

AND we have not got the results from the survey yet!

The 'day' was started with hot cups of java and networking over breakfast. Attendees continued conversations throughout the day at the coffee break and lunch.

Winston Douglas, from our Diamond Sponsor Oracle, began his speech with what their clients look for in cloud computing. He followed this with various Oracle solutions. The speech was very informative. Andrew Ginter, from Waterfall Security Systems, demonstrated some of vulnerabilities of our 'safe' firewalls! The content of his presentation will be the basis of a white paper --- that will be available soon and put up on the CIPS website.

Dan Lyons, Editor-in-Chief of ReadWrite, capped the day with his lively presentation on Zuckerburg's Panopticon (panopticon; noun historical; a circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners could at all times be observed.) - The Rise of the Social Internet and the End of Privacy. With more and more information 'out there' on you - you can be observed. Dan has a unique way of looking at technology and how it affects our business and personal lives. For more on Dan Lyons and what he is writing now see

It turned out that we found an awesome combination of speakers for this day which met our goal to Inspire, Connect, and Educate. ICE! Join us in Edmonton come November for more!

For those members that have certification status, this event and many of our others have recertification credits associated with them.


We hope to see you at the next event.


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