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Don’t Do It Alone: How Independent Contractors Connect to Support (via APCC)

via APCC

Working as an independent contractor offers the flexibility and growth that traditional employment often lacks. But the freedom and mobility of freelancing can also come at a price – the insecurity of the job market and the instability that comes with running a small business can affect more than your wallet. High pressure financial circumstances can have an emotional impact,[i] while unusual hours and extra dedication to client projects can put a strain on personal relationships.[ii]

To reduce the stress that causes long-term health problems, more businesses are turning to Employment Assistance Programs (EAPs) that assist employees with everything from mental health issues, to legal and financial matters.[iii]  Services like these improve the long-term health of employees, but few contractors have access them through individually purchased health insurance – until now.

Having a support network is the first step to managing stress. Aside from being an excellent networking resource, The Association of Professional Computer Consultants also offers group Health & Dental insurance benefits to its members. These benefits include EAP services from Shepell fgi, a trusted EAP provider to over 10,000 organizations, assisting more than eight million employees and family members worldwide.With 24 hour hotlines, an online chat program, a texting service, and the first ever EAP app, Shepell offers round the clock support for APCC members facing mental health, addiction, divorce, and bankruptcy.  

Now CIPS members can enjoy this kind of comprehensive support. Sign up for APCC membership to receive 15% off their registration fee.* Upon registration, you’ll receive a special welcome package with the next steps to obtaining group Health & Dental coverage through LMS PROLINK, including EAP benefits from Shepell fgi. Contact us at for more details.


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