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CIPS Year in Review

Dear CIPS Members,

This has been an exciting year for CIPS, as we have been re-energized due to the undertaking of strong new steps, which will ultimately make CIPS a more focused and polished association than ever before.

CIPS’ new globally aligned designation, the ITCP (Information Technology Certified Professional), was introduced this year. As a result eligible CIPS I.S.P. holders in good standing became ITCP holders and are now recognized globally under the IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership) umbrella, by way of IP3’s international post-nominal, the “IP3P”, which ITCP holders can now use. Most ITCP holders should have received their ITCP certificates by now, or will be receiving them soon, as they are being distributed through a new process, by way of CIPS Provinces themselves. For prospective ITCP holders, applications are also now available to the public, thanks to the many hours spent on producing the criteria and application routes for the ITCP (
This was only possibly because CIPS was successfully accredited by IP3 in August of 2008. Kudos to Roger Hart, CIPS’ representative on the IP3 task force, Stephen Ibaraki, who helped with the IP3 business plan, the directors of Professional Standards and Accreditation, and the tremendous work done by Gina Van Dalen, our Manager of Professional Standards. CIPS through Roger, Gina, Stephen and others continue to be active in IP3 and for 2009-2010, and I have accepted the chairmanship of IP3.

CIPS continues to work hard to build on the benefits available to both our regular members and certified designation holders. I encourage you to visit the CIPS member benefits page ( periodically to keep up to date with the new benefits that we are working hard to provide you. Whether you are looking for online books, training, technology equipment solutions, insurance discounts, or post-graduate education opportunities, CIPS benefits can help you with your IT professional development. This past year in particular we were able to offer our members a variety of research reports on subjects ranging from “IT security” to “cost cutting” techniques. These reports are available by way of the InfoTech benefit (

We continue to work hard to provide CIPS members with new benefits, and most recently, new benefits include a $250 discount off normal fees for assistance with SR&ED claims from RDFM (, and starting February 1st 2010, new and renewing CIPS members will receive a one-year free subscription to Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services (more info coming soon).

This year CIPS also signed a partnership agreement with the National Association of Computer Consulting Businesses (NACCB), which has the potential to add many new members and to improve our advocacy efforts. With respect to CIPS’ advocacy efforts, I would like to acknowledge Martin Kratz, who provided leadership in preparing CIPS’ response on Bill C-61, An Act to Amend the Copyright Act.

As part of your membership you are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to contribute content to our monthly CIPS e-newsletter “CIPS Connections”, as well as the “IT Manager’s blog”. These are open forums for which CIPS members can be recognized by other IT professionals and demonstrate their leadership and commitment to CIPS and IT profession.

On the CIPS program accreditation front, CSAC (Computer Science Accreditation Council) at the request of Canadian Universities developed a set of Interdisciplinary Accreditation Criteria. These new criteria will allow for the accreditation of computer science programs that are combined with one or more different disciplines, i.e. health informatics or bio-informatics.

CIPS could not have continued to evolve without the countless hours of many CIPS volunteers, with all the portfolios working together. In particular I would like to thank the members of the OEC, Jon Nightingale, Rick Penton, Roger Hart, Kerry Augustine, Don Duffie, Stephen Ibaraki, Jay Payette, Richard Thompson, members of the CCITP, Chairs of the CIPS Certification and Accreditation councils, and CIPS committees. A special thanks also needs to be extended to the CIPS National Staff, Mary Jean Kucerak, Gina Van Dalen, Francis Fernandez, and Jonathan Elias for all their hard work in sustaining our great society.

The upcoming year I believe will continue to be a busy and exciting one for CIPS, as many changes and new initiatives will take place. Recognizing the declining enrollment in IT by both high school and post-secondary students, CIPS members like Jay Payette are working with students to develop a youth engagement strategy for CIPS. CIPS’ online strategy also continues to evolve as we better utilize tools such as social networking, web chats, and the CIPS website.

In this year’s CIPS Platform I wrote about how important the IT industry is to Canada, but how under-funded and under-recognized it is, with Canadian governments needing to do more. CIPS looks to be a leader to help foster growth and interest in the IT industry. We will do this through initiatives such as the growth of our professional certification program and by offering scholarships and bursaries and continuing to advocate for IT. As CIPS continues to move forward both nationally and internationally, we are looking to you, CIPS members, to help by taking a larger role in advocacy, sharing with friends, family, and colleagues what CIPS has to offer, and encourage them to be part of the exciting growth that IT and CIPS are experiencing.

I have recently stepped down as the CCITP Chair this year, and have taken the new role of a CIPS National Director. I would like to welcome my successor Trekker Armstrong I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P (CIPS Alberta) as the new CIPS Chair, as well as the new 2009/2010 CCITP. The CCITP, which is CIPS' National governing board, can be viewed at

I wish Trekker well and will continue to be actively involved with CIPS and look forward to working with the CCITP to provide continuity and help lay the foundation for the continued growth of CIPS.


Greg Lane, I.S.P., ITCP/IP3P
CIPS National Director
Former Chair CCITP

CIPS Corporate Partners

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