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Canada’s Smartest IT - Overview
Canada’s Smartest IT

"In 2010 we are going on a quest - a quest to find the best examples of how Canadian mid-sized companies are using technology to help themselves, their organizations and the community. We're looking for Canada's Smartest IT.

We know it's not easy bringing great technology into the business. Your budget only goes so far, and probably not as far as it needs to. Good people are hard to find, harder still to keep and technology itself moves faster every day. Then there are the problems associated with privacy, security and regulation. Phew.

But the Smartest IT people rise above all of that, to bring Technology for Good. They allow us to connect anywhere and anytime, so we can work the way we want to and when we need to. They help reduce the cost of delivering services, they increase our efficiency and effectiveness, and the best of them improve our community and our lives through innovation.

So we have designed the Search for Canada's Smartest IT as a way to both celebrate the best examples of technology in action, and help educate and engage mid-sized businesses to meet their potential to bring Technology for Good."



Virtualization-February 24th at Noon

Visit to register

Managed Risk-March 29th at Noon

Business Intelligence-April 29th at Noon


Project Schedule

January 25th-CSIT Website Launches

April 25th-Nominations Close

Webinar Dates Above

Press Release Dates-1st week of every month


Craig's Chronicles

I will be going across Canada over the next four months to get WOW stories.  We will be speaking to these IT directors in a video interview that will be broadcast on our website for all of Canada to see.  I have decided to block off some time for both an East Coast and West Coast trip and was wondering whether or not you had any customers or partners you would like interviewed.  We are looking for stories where:
1)       Technology has been used in a creative and unique way
2)       An IT Department's ideas have resulted in positive change in the company and or community
3)       The use of technology has garnered an inspirational result
I will be headed out to the East Coast (Montreal, Ottawa, Halifax...perhaps others) in the next month or so.   We will be confirming these dates shortly.
I will be headed out to the West Coast (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton...perhaps others) from Monday March 10th to Friday March 12th

Here is the link to my chronicle page

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