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Free Copy of "Computers without Machine Code - A New Type of Computer" by Bernard A Hodson

“Computers without Machine Code - A New Type of Computer" covers much of what took place in Canada from 1951 to the present day, touching on many CIPS activities, including the CIPS conference at the Banff Springs Hotel which attracted 650 people when Bernard was CIPS program chairman.

Bernard A Hodson served as CIPS National President 1983-1984 and 1967-1968.

Bernard has graciously offered to provide a free copy of his book to the first two CIPS member that send an email to

(Available in print form, and as an e-book with Kindle (Amazon), Nook (Barnes and Noble), Google e-books, and PublishAmerica)

More about “Computers without Machine Code - A New Type of Computer":

The computer without machine code had its origins in the 1950's and is essentially a logic system not needing standard machine codes. It is a TURING machine which dispenses with the need for an operating system. The concept has been developed and tested through Bernard's work on jet engines, the ARROW airplane, UNIVAC, Imperial Oil, the University of Manitoba, hospital automation, aerospace with Landsat satellites, Canada's Search and Rescue system, and a variety of consulting assignments. The concept has been shown to work on main frames, micros, smart card chips, leading up to the present concept with field programmable gate arrays (FPGA's). Information on the topic has been published in Germany, Sweden and several semiconductor magazines in the UK.

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