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JVS Toronto - Help an International Professional

What must it be like to be a skilled information technology professional new to Canada, looking for work and not be connected?

How good would it be for you, an IT professional, to be the one person who could actually make a difference in the life of an international professional?

I work for an online mentoring project through JVS Toronto, a non-profit organization in Ontario that assists internationally trained individuals with employment needs.  Our online mentoring program matches experienced people in various professions with newcomer professionals - we call them "mentees" - in the same or similar field. Our mentees have either been in Canada less than three years or they are in the latter stages of immigration but haven't arrived yet.

If you have mentored someone before, you know how personally rewarding it can be.  As a mentor you benefit professionally in a variety of ways:


  • Develop leadership, communication and relationship building skills
  • Enhance understanding of cross-cultural experiences and migration to Canada
  • Increase your learning of the professional and business context of other countries
  • Raise your own professional profile in your community


As a mentor your role is not to find the mentee a job, but rather to serve as a sounding board to support the mentee in their information gathering, goal setting, settlement and integration process.  You would also:


  • Share insights about the Canadian workplace culture and industry trends
  • Offer advice on job search strategies (including resume critiquing)
  • Encourage the development of a network, including joining professional associations
  • Provide guidance through the licensing and accreditation processes


The process to become an online mentor is quite simple. Just follow these steps:


  • Visit
  • Click on Mentoring Program on the top left corner
  • Click on Becoming a Mentor
  • Agree to the Rules of Conduct
  • Agree to the Disclaimer
  • Fill out the application form (3 sections) - Please include your full address including your street address and postal code.
  • Submit


Try to be as detailed as you can when filling out your profile. Under Academic Credentials, for example, please type your degree/diploma and discipline in full, so Bachelor of Computer Science, rather than B.Sc. This will help to ensure a suitable match. You have the option of selecting 1, 2 or 3 mentees. (Note the default is 2.)

Please allow us a few days to review your application. Once processed, you will receive an automatically generated message of congratulations. Your profile will then be on the site for approved mentees to view. They choose a mentor themselves. Once a mentee chooses you, you will receive another automatically generated message with the mentee's name and a few of their details along with an E-Mentor Toolkit, a resource for you to read. You will also receive weekly modules, another resource that supports your mentoring relationship. The mentees are asked to start the mentoring relationship; however, feel free to initiate contact introducing yourself and perhaps asking if they have any questions.

For your information, the mentees only see your first name. We do not release your email address - the system automatically generates one for both you and the mentee, so it is always confidential.  Additionally, we don't release your employer's name.

Your on-line relationship should last approximately 3 - 4 months and we recommend that you keep in regular touch with the mentee - at least once a week - to develop the relationship. As well, mentoring coaches including myself are here to assist you in any way we can.

We would be thrilled to have members (from any province) from the Canadian Information Processing Society onboard! Please email or call me if you have any additional questions!  Thank you!



Diane Brockman

Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach

Integrated Pre-arrival Services Online (IPSO)

JVS Toronto

Toronto Ontario


phone:  416 756 0202, extension 214

fax:      416 491 7362

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