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Canada Gov Camp

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It's happening May 31 and June 1 2010 at Ottawa U and You're Invited.

What is this?

It's a gathering of local citizens, public sector employees, service delivery leaders and policy people with an interest in having a conversation on engaging citizens, empowering business and increasing internal efficiencies through transformational  government activities across all levels of government (municipal, regional, provincial and federal).  This gathering is not a trade show or product oriented discussion, rather a workshop style unconference where participants establish the agenda and  explore the themes that are of most interest to them.


We've seen a number of great communities spring up across Canada to think about, discuss and build a new relationship with their local governments, often through the use of technology.  These activities are accelerated by bringing the community together at workshop style unconferences, ChangeCamps, BarCamps and unconferences.  Having participated in these local activities and experienced the creative energy first hand we began to think about how the ideas and enthusiasm behind them from these local events could be shared in a broader context.  So we thought that it would be interesting to bring together communities across camps, a sort of Jamboree, to explore opportunities to work together on open government activities across multiple levels of government.

To Talk about What?

Wouldn't it be great to call one number and be able to get an answer to government services regardless of which level provided it?

Reserve your campsite from one website without having to think about which department managed the site?

How about being able to give your input and be heard on government initiatives that start from the speech from the throne and are delivered through provincial programs by you municipality?

These are the types of conversations we are looking to have.

Who else will be there?

We are reaching out to a number communities including key departments like Industry Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat, Public Works and Government Services, Public Safety Canada, The Information Commissioner of Canada, Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, City of Ottawa and Open Government, ChangeCamp community leaders.

Who is this event for?

IT People -Technology is one way that governments are transforming how they deliver services externally and internally.  Technology people are needed to explore the art of the possible for these new services.  Mash-ups, Open Data, social media are but a few of the possible areas for discussion.

Policy People - We need you in the conversation so that you can share your expertise on the realm of the possible from a policy perspective.  Privacy, Security, Access to Information, Information Management are all key considerations for successful government transformation.  Come share your knowledge on how to make these policies enable new services.

Government Services leaders - Ultimately, government delivers value through the many services that are provided.  Gov Camp is about exploring the realm of the possible for service to individuals, services to businesses and services to other departments.  You voice is essential to inform the community and to guide those ideas that the community may have for you!

Community - We are fortunate that there's a passionate and creative community with vibrant ideas about how they can help create a closer connection between governments, individuals, businesses and even among government itself.  Your participation at the Canada gov camp will provide you with a venue to share your great ideas and, if all goes well, interact with some of the people that can take your idea further.

Who's behind this Event?

Canada Gov Camp is being hosted by the Canadian Association for Information Technology Professionals, sponsored by Microsoft Canada on behalf of the community.

registration link:  

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