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IP3 News - May 2010

IP3 Formally Approved as IFIP Board

The IFIP General Assembly in Hanoi resolved to ask IFIP Executive Committee to work with IFIP member societies represented in IP3 to prepare a set of Terms of Reference to regulate the longer-term operation of the IP3 project and its relationship to other IFIP bodies. The Terms of Reference were presented to, and approved by, the IFIP 2010 Board meeting in Sofia.

The Terms of Reference agreed in Sofia marks the final transition of IP3 from a Task Force to a Board whose key responsibilities are to

  • promote and communicate the benefits and substance of professionalism in IT
  • articulate and communicate the value of certification of individuals and demand for quality programmes
  • define international standards for professionalism in IT;
  • accredit IP3 member societies which meet these standards to grant recognition to individual professionals who meet and maintain the required standards for knowledge, experience, competence and integrity
  • encourage and support the development of IT professional bodies, IT practitioners and employer organizations in support of the IP3 Board's purpose.

With a Canadian taking over the Chair of the new IP3 Board an Office of the Chair and Executive (OCE) has been established in Canada, with Roger Hart, IP3's former CFO taking on the role of Interim Executive Officer.

Moira de Roche, who now is the South African Board Member of IP3 has been appointed the Vice President of Communications.  A small, but highly regarded U.K. PR firm has developed a Communications and Marketing Plan and IP3 has established a global Communications Steering Committee with representatives from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Japan to being to roll out this plan.

Founding IP3 Chair and Past BCS President, Charles Hughes, and Past CIPS President, Stephen Ibaraki have become IP3's Vice Presidents of Strategic Relations. It is envisaged that the two of them will engage, build relationships and develop alliances with external organizations, including corporate partners, sister organizations, potential IP3 Members and IFIP Professional Affiliates, governments and NGOs, and academic bodies, in accordance with IP3's Engagement Policy and Interpretation Guidelines and in line with the IP3 Business Plan. They will also assist IP3 IEO, Roger Hart, in establishing the Global Industry Council.

IP3 is also happy to confirm that Colin Thompson has accepted the position of Chief Assessor. Bob Hart is Chair of the IP3 Professional Standards Committee, which provides a forum for liaison and cooperation between industry and IP3. Its role is focused on developing standards with respect to the professional knowledge, skills and professional attributes needed by the IT professional. It is also intended as a catalyst to bring together the developed and developing nations (both IP3 Members and non-IP3 Members) to assist in the development of the IT profession worldwide.

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