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Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists (CCTT) and CIPS signs Letter of Intent on Joint College Accreditation

Following the official launch of the CCTT National Technology Benchmarks for Information Technology last year, both CCTT and CIPS agreed that, when possible, it should collaborate to ensure that there is no market confusion or unnecessary duplication in the accreditation of computing and information technology college programs. The goal is to provide the best accreditation process possible for educational institutions.

These discussions culminated in the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI), which will form the basis for an agreement on the joint accreditation of college programs.  The LOI acknowledges that CIPS has the greater depth of experience and content expertise in the area of computing, and it will therefore remain the lead organization in the accreditation of software related computing programs.  Joint accreditation, which has been defined as accreditation involving both CCTT and CIPS accreditors using the CIPS criteria and processes, will only take place in those cases where a program meet all the relevant CIPS criteria.  It will be up to the educational institution to determine which form of accreditation, single or joint, they wish to seek for their programs.  Information, including the cost of joint accreditation,  a flowchart that will allow schools to determine if their program qualifies for joint accreditation and the accreditation process, will be made available via the CIPS website shortly.  For more information on CIPS accreditation contact Gina van Dalen, Manager Professional Standards at

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