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Fall semester wraps up for Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects

Software development is no longer bound by time zones or borders. Working effectively in distributed teams is challenging and university programs often leave students unprepared to handle both the the immense communication challenges and the required coordination tools.

UCOSP (Undergraduate Capstone Open Source Projects) is an academic program that brings together students from universities across Canada to work on joint capstone projects. Each team works on an existing open-source project and uses a mix of agile and open-source processes under the supervision of a faculty or industry lead.

After teams are formed and an initial online meeting is held, UCOSP sponsors students to travel together to a central location for a weekend code sprint held early in the semester. Students meet their teammates and their mentor and work together on the projects. For the remainder of the semester, students continue working on their projects remotely, contributing about a dozen hours of work per week.

Last fall, 39 students from eight different schools across Canada worked on the following open-source projects:

- Basie on Pinax: a web-based software project forge that integrates revision control, issue tracking, mailing lists, wikis, status dashboards, and other tools that developers need to work effectively in teams

- CORAL: an academic publication browser that allows users to comment, discuss and annotate academic papers.

- Freeseer: a video capture utility capable of capturing presentations Markus: grading and code review tool that gives the flexibility of pen-on-paper marking through the web.

- Ingres: an open source, high performance relational database.

- POSIT: a mobile application for the Android platform to aid search and rescue efforts by allowing the transmission of data between users and to central servers.

- ReviewBoard: a powerful web-based code review tool that offers developers an easy way to handle code reviews.

- The Technology Explorer for IBM DB2: a light-weight console which strives to be a teaching tool for all users of DB2

UCOSP is made possible by CIPS, the Canadian Association of Computer Science, and corporate sponsorship from O'Reilly, Google, the Jonah Group, and Research in Motion.

If you want to find out more or follow the progress of the winter semester's projects, please visit our website:  

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